Tami Patzer to Speak at Thought Leaders Business Expert Forum at Harvard

Tami Patzer to Speak at Thought Leaders Business Expert Forum at Harvard

Women Prosperity Network Co-Founder Nancy Matthews honors Women Innovators Radio Host and Publisher Tami Patzer with the Business of Speaking Certification with WPN co-founder Trish Carr. Patzer was honored as a quadruple-certified business speaker recently in Los Angeles, Calif.

Award-winning Women Innovators Radio Host Tamara “Tami” Patzer was certified in the Business of Speaking by Women’s Prosperity Network Co-founders Nancy Matthews and Trish Carr in Los Angeles, Calif. recently

Patzer shared the story of the Women Innovators “Big Message, Big Mission” international No. 1 best-selling book series at the event as part of the Women Innovators: “Super Women” Tour.

Since January, Patzer has helped 64 women become best-selling authors in the Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers book series and radio show. Patzer toured Florida with stops in Orlando, Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, and Daytona Shores earlier this summer and recently went on a media tour in California, New Mexico, and Arizona.

At Jay Levinson-createdGuerrilla Marketing Global Summit, Patzer shared the stage with Guerrilla Marketing Co-Founder Jeannie Levinson; Guerrilla Marketing Wealth Author Loral Langemier; Social Media Guru Joel Comm; Social Media Architect Warren Whitlock, Brand Expert and Publisher C. Mike Lewis, Guerrilla Publicity Best-Selling Author Jill Lublin; and other super stars in Guerrilla Marketing.

“It was an honor to be one of the very first Guerrilla Talk speakers during the Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit. If you can go in person, you want to do it. The energy and the connections are magical!” said Patzer.

Patzer will share her journey to becoming a publisher at the Thought Leaders Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club in July as part of the Women Innovators “Super Women” Book Tour. 

Currently, Patzer is interviewing entrepreneurs for two new book series: Self-Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success and Digital Trendsetters to be published later this year by Women Innovators Publishing and its sister company, Blue Ocean Authority. To apply to be part of any of the Women Innovators book series, fill out the online form for more information or contact Patzer directly via email at TamiSocialMedia AT gmail.com.

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