Teresa Lechtenberg Achieves Sixth Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts

Published on June 14, 2015

Teresa Lechtenberg has tested and successfully passed an examination for the rank of sixth degree black belt in martial arts. While a remarkable achievement in itself, it is even more so because she joins an elite group of women who have earned this rank.

Master John Nottingham, of Phoenix, AZ, comments, “Not only is it a rarity for an individual to earn the honor of 6th, it is a far more extraordinary accomplishment as a female.  She is a tremendous role model and I hope this is on ongoing trend in the martial arts.”

Master Brett Lechtenberg, Teresa’s husband and owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts, hosted the Black Belt testing at his studio on June 5 and 6, the culminating moment of weeks, months, and years of training for the many students.

More than teaching martial arts skills, the program also focuses on leadership training, encouraging students to overcome their fears and live outside of their comfort zone on and off the mat. 

Among the 30 students tested for full or partial black belt rank, 12 achieved that goal – ranging in achievement from first to sixth degree black belt. 

Students awarded black belt ranks were:

First Degree: Aly Cox, Kaia Kees, Amin Kees, Mark Szczepanski, Aidan Burkett, Easton Adamson, Gavin Pahnke and Suzy Davie.

Second Degree: Dale Hughes and Mike Sigler.

Third Degree:  Brittney Alleman Ayers.

Sixth Degree: Teresa Lechtenberg.

“Reaching this level of martial arts is a testament to Teresa’s perserverence,” said Master Lechtenberg. “I am very proud of Teresa for her hard work, dedication and commitment to personal excellence.  She has spent many years training, and teaching to prepare for this moment. She is true inspiration to martial artist everywhere and role model for all women.”

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