Terry Gremaux, The Best Teacher In Free Social Media Marketing Tactics, Announces New Instagram Training

Published on August 30, 2016

The Hashtag Hunter, Terry Gremaux, adds to his social media training programs for home based entrepreneurs by providing new training on how to use Instagram to grow personal brands and businesses online.

Terry Gremaux is a social media expert and trainer who is more commonly known online as the “Hashtag Hunter.” Terry is focused on helping home-based entrepreneurs develop social media marketing strategies that help them grow their business and create a value-packed brand online. Terry has created over 18 educational training courses and products that have been enjoyed by well over 1,500 entrepreneurs.

Terry Gremaux’s latest social media training program is called “The Instagram Pictalead System.” This online video course from Terry provides an exact game plan to turn entrepreneurs into Instagram lead generating machines.

According to Instagram, the social media platform boasts over 500 million users with over 300 million daily users. With statistics like that it is clear that Instagram has truly made the move from a trendy app to a powerful social media platform.

“I began thinking about what people are most interested in and most engaged by on social media,” explained Terry Gremaux when asked about creating his new Instagram training product. “It dawned on me that more people ask questions and create conversation over pictures than anything else… Think about someone walking into your home or looking at your photo albums and yearbooks.”

Marketing website Hubspot states, “Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.”

Gremaux went on to explain the power of pictures to draw in leads online, “Conversation instantly strikes up with a photo and people begin to get a glimpse at what your life is like, or what they would like their life to be like – pictures create a perfect recipe for generating leads online, so naturally I headed over to Instagram for a seven-month project – a project to serve up the best possible way to get leads and of course in the simplest manner.”

In the new “Instagram Pictalead System” training, participants will learn the nuts and bolts of how to create your Instagram account, what your profile needs to include so you become a lead generating magnet with less effort, the simple applications that you can add to your account that will drastically increase your lead flow, the picture recipe that captures more leads than any other method, along with other strategies that 90% of Instagram users get wrong that participants can avoid and set themselves up for success on the platform.

The “Instagram Pictalead System” course is currently open for enrollment this week. For more information visit: http://thehashtaghunter.com/

“At the end of this training you can have your entire system up and running and have your first leads reaching out to you on Instagram,” stated Terry Gremaux, the visionary leader of Marketing Powerhouse Mastermind, a company dedicated to training entrepreneurs how to create and build their business online by using the power of social media.

Company Name: Marketing Powerhouse Mastermind
Contact Person: Terry Gremaux
Email: terry@thehashtaghunter.com
Phone: 406-366-9280
Country: United States
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