Terry Maluk, Speaker, Author, and Stress-Relief Expert, Hits Eight Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Rx for RNs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Manage Stress, Reduce Overwhelm, and Conquer Burnout”

Published on December 6, 2018

“Rx for RNs” by Terry Maluk, garnered top placement on multiple Amazon.com’s Best Seller Lists on November 27, 2018, taking the number one best seller spot in the Nursing category.

Terry Maluk‘s recent release, Rx for RNs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Manage Stress, Reduce Overwhelm, and Conquer Burnout hit multiple Amazon.com’s best seller lists on November 27, 2018, climbing all the way to number one in the Nursing category. The book also took top ranking in work-related health, personal health, and injury prevention and appeared on multiple new release lists.

As an experienced, credentialed professional who suffered for years with chronic stress that took a toll not only on her body but on her mind and spirit, Maluk shares simple but powerful tools that helped her get her life back on track.

Multiple ways to deal with stress, overwhelm, and burnout are included in the book. These provide immediate relaxation and calming effects, including specific breathing techniques that can be used anywhere and anytime, as well as guided breath and body awareness. Another widely studied stress-reduction tool that is taught in Rx for RNs is called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT Tapping. This self-help tool can easily be used as a type of ‘emotional acupressure’ and provides immediate and long-term relief. Other tools presented in the book help reduce overwhelm and prevent burnout, including confidence-building, learning ways to say “no” and boundary-setting practices.

When asked why she wrote the book, Maluk shared “I’ve been working with clients one-on-one and in small groups for several years now and I realized there are only so many people I can help using that approach alone. I wanted to write a book that shares several different tools that I’ve used with great success so that I can help more people.”

New York Times Best Selling Author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence and producer of the documentary film “The Tapping Solution”, Jessica Ortner, says this about the book: “If your work is taking a toll on your body and happiness, it’s time to open this book. Terry Maluk provides a practical, easy-to-read guide to help you relieve stress and find balance. You’re dedicated to helping others. It’s now time to extend that dedication to yourself.”

A 2013-2016 health-risk appraisal by the American Nurses Association highlights that “workplace stress was identified as the top work environment health and safety risk.” Of the over 10,000 respondents, 82% indicated they are at a “significant level of risk for workplace stress.”

With so many recent studies showing the prevalence and impact of stress in the nursing profession as well as the need for stress management to avoid burnout, Rx for RNs subject matter is a hot topic and provides a helpful resource for nurses. Maluk’s extensive experience working with nurses and other professionals, combined with her passion for helping others, make her book a must-read for anyone feeling stressed and facing burnout.

The book is available in both print and Kindle formats on Amazon

About Terry Maluk

Terry Maluk is a gifted speaker, author, and stress-relief expert. A member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Terry holds a Master of Science degree in Public Health, is an accredited, certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) practitioner, and a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Having spent over 15 years in the fast-paced technology field under constant pressure to do more with less while responding to unexpected crises, Maluk experienced firsthand the effects of chronic stress. As she learned a variety of time-honored and scientifically-proven stress-relief techniques that reduced her own pain and chronic stress, she began to share with others who were experiencing similar stress­ful situations.

From nurses trying to find a way to balance long work hours, school exams, and a hectic home life, to those dealing with physical and emotional pain that is a result of chronic stress, Terry shares a variety of self-help practices to help each reader customize their own ‘stress-relief toolbox,’ because one size doesn’t always fit all. Her book is based on hands-on experience working with clients and seeing the life-changing results they achieved.

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