Tessa Stowe, Happiness Path Finder Reveals How to Say “Yes” to Happiness on Main Street Mavericks Radio

Published on October 18, 2018

Happiness Path Finder, Tessa Stowe, was the featured guest on Main Street Mavericks Radio with host Donna Gunter talking about Saying "Yes" to Happiness.

On a recent episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio with Donna Gunter, Tessa Stowe, Happiness Path Finder, discussed “Saying ‘Yes’ to Happiness.”

According to Stowe, no one should miss out on being as happy as they can be because they don’t know how to be, or they are following the wrong formula. For many years she was following the wrong formula for happiness. She was doing all those things you are “supposed to do.” She ended up being busy, stressed out and unhappy, and it almost cost her everything.

When host Donna Gunter asked if we should strive to be happy all the time, Stowe answered, “Heck NO! We are NOT meant to be happy all the time! However, I do believe we are supposed to be happy MOST of the time. I do believe happiness is our natural default way of being. Suppose a saber-tooth tiger is chasing you. This is a life-threatening situation and is not the time to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ This is the time to run for your life. Forget happiness. You are in survival mode. The thing is to know when those saber tooth tigers are just real or just our imagination. When people have a significant event, that is like being chased by the saber-tooth tiger. You are maxed out on the stress scale. You are in survival mode for a period. Significant events are life-threatening and you need to survive them first, and when the time is right, you can get back to being happy.”

During the interview, Stowe shared more about the kinds of significant events that derail people from being happy, explaining, “The significant event could be any number of things such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, separation, illness, loss of job, a financial crisis, a natural disaster etc. Or, it could be simply waking up one morning and asking yourself, ‘Is this it? Surely there must be more to life. What sign post did I miss as I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be by now?’ I’ve had quite several significant events in my own life: job loss, financial, deaths, midlife crises but the most significant by far was the loss of my husband. You could say I am an experienced significant eventer!”

Stowe is the founder of “Saying YES to Happiness” and helps those who are ready to move forward and be happy after a significant event has sucked happiness out of them. Tessa does this by teaching quick, easy, fun, and effective Happiness Recipes that you can fit into your day.

The interview concluded with Stowe saying, “When I was coming out of the fog after my husband died, I met BJ Fogg. BJ is the world’s leading behavior scientist and has a proven method for getting yourself to do things. It’s called Tiny Habits. I’ve used it to create Happiness Recipes. The Happiness Recipes are quick, easy, fun, effective and can fit into your day no matter how busy, stressed or overwhelmed you are. These recipes are the MISSING PIECE to the finding happiness puzzle.”

To listen to the full interview on Main Street Mavericks Radio, visit https://mainstreetmavericks.com/tessa-stowe-happiness-path-finder/.

To learn more about Tessa Stowe, please visit https://www.sayingyestohappiness.com/msm.

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