The Launch Of The Flake Free Lips Ecommerce Store Provides Solutions That Put An End To Dry, Chapped And Flaky Lips

Published on July 9, 2018

Do Kiss and Tell launches its online store at where it will sell the patent pending LipScrub Brush, a one of a kind lip exfoliating beauty tool, direct to consumers.

After struggling for many years with dry, chapped and flaky lips, Cryss had a light bulb moment to create the LipScrub Brush.  After almost 2 years of research, design-prototypes, manufacturing and rave reviews, the LipScrub Brush is now available to provide consumers great looking lips.

“We are excited to launch our online store and to be able to share the LipScrub Brush with consumers everywhere.  Our store will allow us to share a solution for getting rid of dry, chapped or flaky lips.” said Cryss Cordero, creator and co-founder at Do Kiss and Tell. 

The LipScrub Brush was created to help beauty lovers get plump and smooth foundation for all lip care needs. The 3-in-1 activated charcoal brush offers a superior exfoliating experience when paired with either a name brand lip scrub or a do it yourself, coffee ground or sugar scrub.

Featuring a dual-sided precision end, the LipScrub Brush offers fine-tuned attention to delicate areas like the outlining of lips, two outermost corners and cupid’s bow. In addition, the LipScrub Brush is made with all-natural bristles that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, BPA & cruelty free and vegan friendly.

To learn more about The LipScrub Brush please visit the The LipScrub Brush or (240) LIP.CARE

About Do Kiss and Tell

Founded in 2017, Do Kiss and Tell, DK&T, is an all-natural, BPA and cruelty free beauty brand that is committed to creating lip care solutions that come from nature rather than a lab. DK&T products are naturally sourced and vegan friendly. DK&T works to empower women by creating products that deliver bold, braggable beauty and are proud to donate to global causes. To learn more about Do Kiss and Tell, please visit DK&T  or call us at (240) LIP.CARE and remember #DontBeFlaky

Company Name: Do Kiss And Tell
Contact Person: Mario Garcia
Phone: (240) LIP.CARE
Country: Polk