“The Market Leader Formula” by Authority Marketing Expert Patrick Dahdal Hits No. 1 in the Best-Sellers List

In his book “The Market Leader Formula,” Authority Marketing Expert Patrick Dahdal reveals his proven three-step market leader formula that will transform businesses from small to thriving in less than 14 minutes per day

With over fifteen years of experience as a marketing consultant, Patrick Dahdal continues to assist small entrepreneurs by shedding light to some of the excellent market leader positioning strategies in his recently released marketing book called “The Market Leader Formula: A Proven 3-Step System for Creating a Consistent Stream of Customers and a Stable Thriving Business in less than 14 Minutes Per Day.”

The Market Leader Formula features the author’s powerful three-step market leader formula for any business niche to attract quality customers with real lifetime value, and the process of effectively implementing it in the business in the best way possible that is entirely cost and time efficient.

Released mid August, Patrick Dahdal’s The Market Leader Formula quickly became the entrepreneurs’ favorite marketing book, and thus reached the best sellers list — hitting the highest, number 1 rank.

The common mistake of small entrepreneurs is that they never try putting their feet in their prospective customers’ shoes. Amid all the similarly established businesses in a particular business niche, every customer would certainly be confused in selecting the ideal company to trust that will 100% provide them with solutions to their needs. As a buyer that is wise, savvy and thinking ahead, any prospective customer will surely choose the business with best positioning; the market leader — the business that confidently shows knowledge about its niche and servicer or products, and the business that positions itself as the market leader.

That is exactly what author and marketing consultant Patrick Dahdal talks about in his newest book, “The Market Leader Formula.” He tackles the market leader formula, which he discovered himself throughout the fifteen years he spent working as a marketing consultant wherein he dealt with small businesses, helping them in transforming their business from small to thriving and that receives consistent stream of customers.

On bringing this book to life, author of “The Market Leader Formula” Patrick Dahdal, moreover, used one of the most fundamental tenants of NLP called ‘Modeling.’ It is the methodology that recreates a persons excellence in any field only by means of understanding the exact ‘recipe’ he/she uses to achieve such excellence. Patrick Dahdal believes that the Methodology of Modeling is the impactful concept behind the deep-rooted success of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Using the methodology of modeling, Patrick Dahdal circumnavigated the globe to study the greatest marketers and business-minded individuals, did extensive research, and finally understood the ‘recipe’ they used to achieve such excellence. He then translated that to a proven 3-step formula to become the market leader in any niche, and wrote it in his book “The Market Leader Formula” to be able to share it to up-and-coming entrepreneurs of today.

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