The Mustard Concept Relaunch as Bridgehead: The Leading European Market Penetration Service

Published on April 11, 2019

Global industry business growth experts Bridgehead, formerly branded The Mustard Concept, realign their brand as they vow to bring even more SME organisations into the booming European market.

A revolutionary consultancy and management service relaunches as they continue to adapt to market trends relaunching as Bridgehead, the industry leaders in European Go-to-Market sector dominance for transatlantic partners.

Bridgehead creates extensive and bespoke strategies which are proven to create a return on investment within a 90-day period. Their accumulated expertise offers a unique ability to assess how best to align each organisation within a new region or country. Not only are Bridgehead identifying the pressure points but offering a manned solution to oversee the logistics.

The coveted and complex European market is regarded as an unlimited pool of potential to transatlantic opportunists. Bridgehead positions itself as a guaranteed 90-day result service, with geographically coordinated members of their team applying their culture aligned knowledge to your business. Their service is divided between four elements: discovery, strategic planning, execution, and acceleration and growth. Their tailored plan with each client partner requires alternating balances between these four elements, though each are critical for success.

Bridgehead CEO and Founder, Paul McIntosh, has almost thirty years experience in global brand immersion. McIntosh says, “The key aspect for most companies is understanding the motivation behind the move. Plus the fundamental complexity of where and how to start. We identify the focal point for each individual company which will land them real customers in Europe, creating a bespoke extensive go-to-market strategy to drive this. From our results driven, we have a team situated across Europe who execute this plan, securing purchase orders and sales for our clients.”

McIntosh continues, “There’s a true fear over entering new markets, with the idea of over investing for a lack of return bearing heavy on key stakeholders and decision makers. Our ability to guarantee those quantifiable, measurable results within 90 days offers reassurance to our clients, allowing them to focus their energy and time elsewhere. That’s truly a crucial factor for our clients and offers them peace of mind that the market integration is being well handled by an experienced third party. Our rebrand and launch as Bridgehead sees The Mustard Concept evolving, as the definition is quite simply what we offer to our clients: an advantageous position gained for future expansion.”

The risks involved with transferring into the European market are evident. Bridgehead identify that 80% of businesses fail to cross the chasm into profitable and successful market entry, with the initial ‘where to start’ stage acting as the crux. The universally interpreted definition of their rebranded name Bridgehead allows for transparent comprehension of how they are able to prevent this fatal flaw in global business.

The Mustard Concept held its own within the industry, though the name lent to confusion and timely explanations diverting energy from the core matter of discussions. The slang term of a mustard concept translates to an idea or object which is endearingly cool, albeit the term was only used colloquially in the United Kingdom.

Bringing the brand into its continual development and market strength, it is an organic move to grow the service into Bridgehead and embody the ethics of the business with the globally accepted definition of the term.

Bridgehead offers organisations a European market penetration service, with a 90-day quantifiable return on investment, guaranteed. Their extensive research and strategy is executed by their own team, applying full legal legislation and governmental policies according to each country. Bridgehead continue to tailor their strategy as they accelerate each SME organisation into market prominence.

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About Bridgehead

Bridgehead, based in the UK, is the European leader for international business transition. Formerly known as The Mustard Concept, Bridgehead helps companies expand into the UK, Europe and worldwide marketplaces. To find out more about Bridgehead go to:

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