The No Touch Pen Offers Germ-Free Solutions Via No Touch Technologies

Published on January 5, 2015

Friends turned entrepreneurs Amy Pepper and Christy Chang recently rolled out their No Touch Pen from their company No Touch Technologies.

Worried about the presence of germs on public surfaces, friends Amy Pepper and Christy M. Chang of No Touch Technologies ( invented a new solution to one of today’s toughest problems.

The No Touch Pen is a convenient stylus and pen that attaches to a variety of commonly carried personal objects – smart phones, purses, etc. – and that can easily fit in a glove box or pocket. The No Touch Pen offers smart solutions for the risks associated with modern conveniences.

With the proliferation of touch-pad and touch-screen technology, public interaction with other people’s germs is on the rise. Whether in the grocery check out line or at the gas pump, people today come in contact with multiple publicly shared surfaces that provide exposure points for a vast array of germs and bacteria.

“No Touch Technologies was created to provide simple solutions to avoid contact with thousands of harmful germs found on public surfaces,” Pepper says.

With the No Touch Pen, the friends and entrepreneurs hope to offer customers the convenience of touch technology with none of the risk of exposure attached.

“The inspiration behind our business was to create a solution to help consumers avoid having to touch the nasty germs found on public touch screens and keypads,” Pepper says. “The No Touch Pen is currently available on our website and will be expanding to retailers very soon.”

Using the No Touch Pen, it is easy to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces without having to slow down or avoid public places. The No Touch Pen seamlessly integrates the pace of modern life with today’s need for increased vigilance against accidental contamination.

An additional antimicrobial layer of protection added to the No Touch Pen insures that the pen, itself, stays free of contaminants from surface to surface.

Understanding the universal need for and utility of the No Touch Pen, Pepper and Chang decided early on to keep the price for the revolutionary, patented product affordable.

“It’s price point makes it an indispensable tool for everyone,” Pepper says.

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Company Name: No Touch Technologies
Contact Person: Amy Pepper
Phone: (301) 254-1151
Country: United States