The Nomadders Are On The Move As They Launch Their 50 State Family Travel Adventure

Published on May 7, 2019

Travel bloggers Neil and Amanda Howe of No Home Nomadder take their family on the road full-time traveling as they explore the 50 United States.

May 7th, 2019 Atlanta, GA

The family travel bloggers of No Home Nomadder have hit the road on their journey across the 50 United States to discover the best America has to offer. They are documenting their journey of fun and folly on their travel blog, Their goal is to write a travel guide for each state. The Howe family are focusing on the best places to eat, stay, explore and play. 

Neil Howe, a resident of Scotland was born with a need to travel. “All Scots travel”, Howe says, “Whether it is going to long lost countries or just on summer holidays, you can always find a Scotsman on your journey. We are everywhere! I haven’t done as much traveling as I would like to since getting married and having a big family. But, now we are down to my 2 youngest daughters, Avie and Paisley and they have the travel bug too!”

Amanda shares, “I was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and have spent my whole life there. It was time to get out and explore and we had to grasp the opportunity before it was gone. We decided we would travel in our Toyota Sienna and visit each state and write about it in a travel guide and on our blog. Who knows what we are going to encounter and the things we will see. It will certainly be education to us and to our children.”

Some of the biggest obstacles that stop people traveling more is being tied to a job, home or school. The Howe’s fell into that trap like most other families, but through some research found that they could live on the road for a lot less than paying for all the bills that come with renting or owning a home in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

Resorts have deals all the time, AirB’n’B is readily available in all areas of the country and people can even stay for free while eco-touring. There are countless opportunities if people are willing to be flexible and explore.

Neil, a Best Selling Author of multiple books, is sharing the journey in a travel guide and interviewing travel authorities, travel bureaus and local experts on The Nomadder Podcast to find the best places to Eat, Stay, Explore, and Play.

What is certain is that there are going to be exciting times ahead for the Howe family and people can follow them on their website where you will find the best social platforms to see photos and videos of all their experiences in the 50 United States.

Follow along with their journey and learn what each State has to offer.


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