The Paper Source, Inc. will hold the annual Note Symposium in Las Vegas April 23-25, 2020.

Published on July 4, 2019

Some 400+ investors and brokers of real estate notes and other cash flows are expected to attend

Attendees will learn how to create multiple streams of income through real estate notes, performing and non-performing, and little-known, “under the radar” cash flows. Complimentary personal consultations with the experts are included.

Cash flow notes are negotiable instruments payable to the bearer on demand. Promissory notes exist for real estate, lottery winnings, royalties and more. This 3 day event will address issues such as how to find, buy, and broker real estate notes, both performing and non-performing, how to use notes to defer income taxes, and other opportunities in the cash flow business.

The Paper Source has been educating cash flow investors and brokers since 1987.  It is the oldest and largest educational company in the industry.The Paper Source Journal is a monthly publication dedicated to the education of cash flow note investing.

This training is for new or veteran investors and brokers. The goal is to bring them new ideas, networking and motivation. The three-day event will feature over a dozen speakers, all professionals in the field of cash flows.  Among the speakers will be nationally-known cash flow experts Gordon Moss, Tom Henderson, Jeff Armstrong and a host of others.

During the event there will be opportunities to network with all attendees and speakers, because receptions, luncheons, and continental breakfasts are included in the registration price.   There will also be an opportunity to hike in Red Rock Canyon with attendees following the event.

Tickets are now available for the event online and include all sessions, breakfasts, and luncheons.

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