Tim Chen’s New Kindle Book Becomes Best Seller On Amazon

The Power of Real Estate: Creating Your Dream Life through Real Estate, a new kindle book is now the best seller on Amazon. His book is creating a huge buzz in the categories of Real Estate Investments and Real Estate Mortgages.

Tim Chen’s New Kindle Book, The Power of Real Estate: Creating Your Dream Life through Real Estate is seeing the rise in sale on Amazon. The eBook is helping readers to know the important facts about the real estate industry.

Real estate investment has been a winning option for several investors for many years because of how it appreciates. This investment plan is capable to grow both lasting value, while producing outstanding short term returns as well. A savvy investor looking for great return on the invested money cannot ignore these advantages. In the past, many would ignore this as an option, but there is never a wrong time to jump in.

When asked, Tim said, “I wrote this book to help people achieve financial freedom through “judicious” real estate investments.”

Tim Chen’s eBook is allowing readers to know the pros and cons of real estate investing along with showing the perfect reasons to select real estate investment for those who are looking to see an incredible return on the funds they are putting in. This is not the time to let the money go to waste or really gambling it. In fact now is the time to look at buying and selling properties to earn a living.

The author, Tim was born and raised in Taipei. He came to US after completing his trade school and served Taiwan air force for two years. After his graduation from University in North Texas offering best real estate programs in the nation, he started his career in real estate business as a realtor in 2002. Later in 2003 he commenced his personal real estate firm and became a million dollar producer. Tim began investing in single family home by flip, fix upper, or turn into rental income properties which made him millionaire by age of 30. In 2004, he began Real estate investment and commercial brokerage companies in Dallas, Texas.

About Tim Chen
Tim Chen is a successful realtor and author of “The Power of Real Estate: Creating Your Dream Life through Real Estate”. In 2010, he was elected as the Founding President of the AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of American) in DFW (Dallas & Fort Worth). DFW are the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US.

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