Time Management Educator Marydee Sklar Reaches Number One on Seven Amazon Best Seller Lists

Published on November 4, 2014

Marydee Sklar has become an Amazon #1 best-selling author with her book, 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed. Sklar provides concrete strategies to help parents help their students succeed in school with a minimum of stress and conflict.

Biz Smart Media congratulates Marydee Sklar, Amazon international #1 best-selling author of the book, 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed: Develop Your Student’s Time-Management and Executive Skills for Life, that reached #1 on the Amazon Best Seller Lists in the Kindle store categories of Special Needs/Disabilities and Education Theory/ Decision Making & Problem Solving. It also ranked #1 in the Amazon book categories of Schools & Teaching/Education Theory and Special Needs/Disabilities

In addition, the book ranked internationally, coming in at #1 in the Amazon Australia Kindle store category of Special Needs/Disabilities and #4 in Education Theory/Decision Making & Problem Solving. On Amazon UK, it reached #23 in the Kindle store category of Education/Education Theory and #31 in the Amazon book category of Raising Children/Special Needs.

In this simple, easy-to-understand guide, Sklar explains how brain development is to blame for children’s poor time-management, planning, and organization behaviors.

The book provides concrete strategies in a quick, approachable format to help parents help their students succeed in school and life with a minimum of stress and conflict. Parents will find solutions to day-to-day challenges so they can:

  • Overcome resistance to starting homework and projects
  • Let go of micromanaging your child’s use of time
  • Ensure assignments are transported safely to and from school
  • Manage time spent on smartphones and video games
  • Forget nagging about chores and homework

Written with compassion, Sklar’s tips will enable the whole family to calm down and get work done.

As a time management educator in a private practice, Marydee Sklar has helped families struggling with time management for almost twenty years. Her unique approach to teaching time management comes from her experience as reading specialist as well as her own experience with executive function deficits.

She is the author of three Seeing My Time books, including the Seeing My Time workbook and its companion, Seeing My Time – Instructor’s Manual, which were designed for professionals to use in therapeutic or educational settings.

Sklar is a popular speaker for conferences at state and national levels where she addresses how to teach the executive functions of time management, planning, and organization. As the founder of Executive Functioning Success, she is creating a network of trained professionals to teach the Seeing My Time course to their clients and students through live webinar sessions.

50 Tips to Help Students Succeed: Develop Your Student’s Time-Management and Executive Skills for Life, is available on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OSTAJKA

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