Timothy R. Johnson, Celebrity Status Expert Reveals How To Use Media And Celebrity Status to Build  Business.

Timothy R. Johnson, Celebrity Status Expert Reveals How To Use Media And Celebrity Status to Build Business.

Timothy R. Johnson was a featured guest on Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer talking about how easy it is create celebrity status for a business using multi-media correctly.

On a recent episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio with Joel Helfer, Timothy R. Johnson discussed how most business owners believe they don’t have much to offer and should not be a celebrity. But that is just not true.

According to Johnson, everyone has a story to tell and that story and message can endear a business to its target customers.  Business owners can get their attention, probably more valuable than money and make a lasting favorable impression that will make doing business much easier.

According to Timothy R. Johnson,  “Take what’s in the clients brain and put it in the bank” This is his favorite slogan.

Johnson, the owner of Global Renegade, Bradley Management, and business development manager for the Status Factory has built his own celebrity. He has been featured on 18 national and local TV programs and has spoken about Status all over the world. He is a radio personality and a best selling author, having written and published 5 books. Timothy is an authority on what it takes to turn a story into attention and publicity and then new business.

Timothy R. Johnson has spoken recently at The Harvard Faculty Club, West Point, and The Annual Marketers Cruise attended by over 400 of the world’s best business owners.

When host Joel Helfer asked him “What is the most important takeaway from this interview?”, Johnson replied “Building  status as a business owner helps customers decide who is the best choice with whom to do business.”

During the interview, Johnson stated that once an owner has achieved celebrity status, he begins to hang out with other’s who have expertise different from his own…and begins to create profitable ventures with those authorities.

Tim works hand in hand with Clint Arthur of the Status Factory, and as one of the first graduates of the celebrity launchpad, enrolls clients in their programs, as well as creates joint ventures and strategic alliances for the Status Factory.

The interview concluded with Timothy R. Johnson saying “Call me or text me anytime help is needed  building  status and celebrity. It will help add new clients and increase sales and profits.”

To listen to the full interview on Main Street Mavericks Radio, visit http://businessinnovatorsradio.com/timothy-r-johnson-business-development-manager-and-strategist-for-clint-arthurs-status-factory-on-creating-status-for-yourself-and-your-business/

To get more information on Timothy R Johnson, visit http://timothyrjohnson.com


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