Tips to Guide Pet Owners in Buying a Home

Published on October 30, 2017

Pet owners can avoid problems when buying a home by doing a little due diligence.

In searching for a new home you’ll usually ask opinion of others, mom, dad, daughter, son, and friend……wait, don’t forget to ask your fur baby…..that’s right, they can’t speak for themselves. That’s where you come in as being the responsible pet owner.

Take a little time to research dog friendly places when you’re checking out the area. “You love your pet but there are some homes and communities that are not as pet friendly as others,” says Beverly Jones, Realtor® in the Nashville area. The following tips will help to keep you and the fur babies happy for a long time in your new home.

Know the Rules of the HOA. There are some HOA’s that limit the number of pets you can have. There may be some that even limit to the type of breed you can have. Beverly Jones, “I had clients wanting to purchase a single-family home in a community and they had three small house dogs. The HOA only allowed for two pets.” Condos could be even more strict in certain areas; so, check for ALL restrictions that may apply to your situation.

Dog Walkability Location. Walking your furry friend for their exercise will make them happy and keep their boundless energy at bay. Even the older dogs like to get out and smell the roses. Check the distances for the local dog parks. Sidewalks can be your friend when it snows or just for every day trips to “take care of business”. Be careful when choosing homes on busy streets. Those locations are not pet-friendly. Even when you find the perfect yard that backs up to green areas or woods, remember there are other creatures that lurk in the trees that could be dangerous to your pet.

Hardwood Floors for Durability. Pet-friendly flooring can be the difference in your pet enjoying your new home or stressed out because you’re stressed out by the damage that your pet may be causing. Hardwood floors versus carpet – hardwood wins when you have a pet. Let’s face it, we all have accidents from time to time. Carpet can be clawed, chewed, stained, and trap odors. Jones says, “Hardwood floors will give you a much better return on your investment should you ever sell your home.” Should you need a little softness under your feet, there are some amazing rugs on the market and you can easily change them out when needed.

Pet-Friendly Floor Plans. The floor plan is one thing to contemplate when walking through possible homes. You sure don’t want to be stepping on your furry friend or you being stepped on. Make sure there’s plenty of room to roam on the inside as well as the outside. To keep your sweet fur baby happy and out of trouble, make sure there is room for toys and cute beds without having to constantly move them because you’re stepping around them,” Jones says. Stairs are another obstacle that could be hard for an older dog – some puppies don’t like stairs – but older dogs sometimes have bad joints, so stairs could be a struggle. Condos may not be the best choice for a larger breed dog because they need room to stretch and so do you.

Beverly Jones is a Realtor® in the Nashville area. You can contact Beverly Jones via email: or connect via her Facebook page: Searching For A Home With Beverly Jones.

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