TMS treatment for Major Depression provided by Dr. Charles Hayden of TMS Huntsville now covered by most insurances in Alabama

Published on March 2, 2020

TMS is the only drug –free therapy for treatment of Major Depression cleared by the FDA. In Alabama you had to pay out of pocket for the treatment until 2020, when it is now covered by many insurances in the state.

TMS Therapy now approved by most insurances in Alabama

In December 2019 Blue Cross Blue Shield, the largest health insurance carrier in Alabama, approved TMS Therapy. Before then, patients had to pay for treatment out of pocket. Now, with most insurances in the state paying for the treatment, many are looking for doctors that have the equipment, the training and the approval to provide this treatment. If you are one of those who are looking, Dr. Charles Hayden is approved by most insurances in the state to provide this treatment.

Dr Charles Hayden has been providing treatment since 2011, but for most patients insurance did not cover it. Now that most Alabama residents who have insurance can have the treatment covered, many are looking for an approved doctor that can provide the treatment.

Dr. Hayden and his team are the professionals to meet this need. They are the most experienced TMS provider in the Huntsville/Madison area, and have collaborated with many local physicians and therapists to provide over 12,000 treatments to patients.

Dr Hayden and Cindy Duvall, RN were trained in 2011 and have networked with many MDs and therapists in the area. TMS Huntsville is happy to collaborate with your current provider to add TMS therapy. 

To better understand the treatment please see the information below.

Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Patients who develop clinical depression now have several options to choose for treatment. Some patients see their primary care physician and are started on an antidepressant medication. When these medications are effective the depression resolves in a few weeks and the patient gets his functioning and wellness back. However for many patients this first intervention does not result in complete resolution of their symptoms and they need to try something else.

TMS Therapy

TMS is a non-invasive therapy that involves no medication and has very few side effects. It was FDA cleared in 2008 and patients have been treated for major depression with TMS since the mid-1990s. It is our experience that TMS is effective in over 60% of patients which means it is much more effective than antidepressant medications.

TMS uses MRI strength magnetic pulses that are delivered several times per second into the front part of the head. A small area of the surface of the brain just under the skull is activated by the pulsing magnetic fields. Brain cells that are stimulated there set up a domino effect activating other brain regions. A circuit of nerve connections is created and stimulated 3000 times in a single 19 minute treatment.

TMS is administered while patients are awake and alert watching TV or interacting with staff. No anesthesia or pre-medication is required and there are no memory problems after the treatment. Patients can drive themselves home or to work immediately afterwards.

Patients may begin to notice changes in mood within 2 to 4 weeks. Continued stimulation creates new neural pathways and brain connections over time that lead to changes in energy, motivation and mood.

Unlike medication, TMS Therapy is not associated with weight gain, sexual side effects or slowed thinking. Generally there are very few side effects except for some scalp tenderness usually resolving after the second or third treatment. Our team has not had any patients discontinue TMS Therapy due to treatment discomfort

The use of TMS therapy may not always eliminate the need to continue antidepressant medicine although many patients can reduce the dosage or the number of medicines they are taking. In our practice we have had some patients get off all medications and depend only on TMS therapy to maintain their response. Many patients will benefit from continued “booster” treatments delivered every few weeks.

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