Tom Holub Author And Founder Of The Social Media Advertising Agency Reaches No. 1 International Best Selling Author Status With New Book How To Make Social Media Make Money For You

How To Make Social Media Make Money For You by Tom Holub reached No. 1 In the coveted Amazon Urban & Regional Economics category on 3 amazon sites including and

Author and advertising company owner Tom Holub’s recent release, How To Make Social Media Make Money For You hit Amazon’s best seller list climbing all the way to No. 1 in the Urban & Regional Economics category in three countries.

His new book focuses on several concerns most business owners have when it comes to the successful use of social media. Chief among them are what should be avoided when crafting a social media presence for a business, what steps should be followed when establishing a social media presence for a business and little known strategies successful businesses employ that attract prospects with the goal of turning those prospects into long time customers or clients.

In response to the book hitting No.1, Holub stated, “I’m very happy this information is reaching an international audience. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of successfully using social media for your business and it’s my hope this book clears them up and sets business owners on the path to success.”

Change is a constant in the social media industry which can confuse many business owners and, ultimately, discourage them from using such a potentially powerful tool. The situation is compounded with a myriad of different and, at times, confusing strategies that can require sophisticated and complex software that most business owners do not have the time to either train in or use.

With all of these challenges in mind, Holub’s book, How To Make Social Media Make Money For You, contains dynamic and yet, simple to employ marketing strategies.

These strategies cover many areas that are considered hot topics in the social media industry ultimately positioning this book as a must read for all business owners contemplating successfully using social media in their business.

About The Author

Tom Holub is a best selling business author, marketing strategist and the owner of The Social Media Advertising Agency.

He is a former business analyst who worked at a major bank deemed the strongest bank in North America and the third strongest bank in the world.

Tom also conducts seminars where he instructs business owners on the proper use of social media strategies that are designed to attract appropriate prospects to a business and then convince those prospects to become long time customers or clients.

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