Tommy Swanhaus The Award winning Creative Genius Is Selected For Top International Business Recognition and Awards

Published on September 4, 2019

The founder and chief consultant, Tommy Swanhaus is currently one of the top international experts for social media, branded content creation, and digital marketing.

Mr. Swanhaus has a background filled with diverse success and a unique track record that ranges from selling a docu-series to Discovery Communication’s TLC to creating the first success on the mobile phone for a series for the brand, Playboy. Tommy Swanhaus, the innovator and visionary has been able to keep evolving his career and always been ahead of the curve.

The global entrepreneur, Tommy Swanhaus has been able to accomplish great feats in short periods of time. Since launching his mobile, digital media, branded content, and social media company, Tommy Swanhaus Co; has been shortlisted for the “The 10 Most Trustworthy Companies In 2019”, “Top 30 Leaders To Watch In 2019”, “50 Innovative Companies To Watch In 2019”, “Top 30 Most Admired Companies In 2019”, and“The 10 Most Distinguished Leaders Of 2019”. All this recognition has been by industry technology and business leadership magazines. Mr. Swanhaus attributes his success throughout his career to his focus on the mobile phone as the number #1 platform for consumers to consume content and engage with others, such as texting, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Tommy Swanhaus Co. has so far won “Top 10 Smartest Companies Of 2019” and “50 Leading Companies Of The Year 2018”. He is very grateful for being recognized by editors, Board Of Directors, and key management for his one of a kind vision, entrepreneurship, and being a pioneer for the marketing and digital entertainment industries.

Tommy Swanhaus is also Ranked In The Top .005% Influencers In The world. The industry rate for him to publish your content or photo on his “TommySwanhaus” Account ranges from $1500 to $2500 per post. Tommy Swanhaus has created his own distribution outlets for his companies’ clients through his own Instagram of about half a million. Tommy believes text message combined with great creativity are the best way to reach and engage your customers. Tommy Swanhaus Co also handles Google Ads, PPC, etc.

This Fall Of 2019, Tommy Swanhaus now strives to also become a Best-Selling Author on Amazon for his new book that he is co-authoring other elite selected business executives. The book is called, Exceed The Bar. Tommy Swanhaus in the book will be providing his keen business sense to motivate individuals looking to become better business professionals, entrepreneurs, and key management looking to grow their company. He also wants to inspire those that want to make a transition or switch their career as a whole. Tommy Swanhaus says “my goal is to provide the readers with the drive and know-how, so they will be the ones getting that international recognition in the near future.”

Company Name: Tommy Swanhaus Co.
Contact Person: Tommy Swanhaus
Phone: 203-524-2772
Country: USA