Recognizes Award Winners for August, 2016

Published on August 30, 2016 is a website that receives nominees who are top performers in their field of expertise is pleased to announce the selected group of award winners for August 2016.

TIP recognizes Koupon Media as a top professional in Mobile Offer Management.

“We’re honored to be featured as a mobile technology leader,” said Bill Ogle, CEO of Koupon Media. “Mobile has fundamentally redefined how businesses interact with their consumers, and we’re proud to lead the charge.” Koupon Media enables retailers to create, manage and deliver highly targeted, hyperlocal mobile offers to individuals through sophisticated segmentation. Retailers and brands can optimize offer-to-purchase conversion specific to store locations through actionable insight along the path to purchase, from offer delivery all the way to store-specific offer redemption.

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TIP recognizes John Cloyd as a top professional in IT Services.

“JCS Consulting Group has always concentrated on helping our customers move expensive data center applications to more cost-effective SAAS and cloud-based solutions. We focus on solving the business problem for the customer and allow them to provide better service at a lower cost to their customer base. This focus on increasing our customers’ value-proposition to their customers has resulted in our rapid growth and strong customer loyalty.” JCS Consulting Group, Inc. designs, builds, and operates sophisticated cloud and hybrid systems. JCS offers strategic consulting and implementation services to facilitate the planning, design, launch, and ongoing management of cloud-based enterprise class systems.

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TIP recognizes Greg Fisher, CEO of TripShock, as a top professional in Travel and Hospitality. is the Gulf Coast’s largest outdoor activity and travel site. Founded in 2009 with one fishing charter offer, its inventory currently includes over 200 tours and excursions in NW Florida, Coastal Alabama, and New Orleans. The company’s call center is 100% staffed with local Customer Service Representatives, and its real-time mobile booking capabilities make it a favorite among visitors and locals.

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TIP recognizes Ryan Clarke as a top professional in Workplace Solutions Technology.

“At SiteREADY we help teams complete workplace construction projects on time, within budget, and with dramatically reduced stress for all parties involved. SiteREADY is an award-winning professional services firm focused on the integration of technology within the workplace. Providing a uniquely developed Solutions Delivery Model (SDM) and services across the United States, the firm challenges organizations to think differently about the process in which technology is implemented into the workplace.

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TIP recognizes Damon Cozamanis as a top professional in Software.

ChiroFusion is the premier provider of affordable, cloud-based practice management software for chiropractic professionals. The company prides itself on delivering superior quality chiropractic software and exceptional customer service, while remaining true and real to its valued clients.

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TIP recognizes Ray Johnson of Florida Solar One as a top professional in Energy.

“We’re in the perfect location for solar use, and we are living in a time where people really are thinking about the environment and what’s going on in the world when it comes to climate change. We’re proud to be a rising company and hope to see that number go up in the next few years”. Florida Solar One specializes in Hurricane Force Solar Systems installing everything from solar water heating to simple grid tied to complex off grid energy independent solar systems for homes and businesses. They promise their customers affordable pricing and offer multiple products so that clients can choose the package which works best for them.

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TIP recognizes Chad T. Collins, Founder and CEO of Authority Media Agency as a top professional in Career Branding Services.

“Career Branding achieved through authority positioning principles is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We help transform successful professionals into recognized authorities in their industry. This is achieved by creating newsworthy events that position these professionals as the No.1 go-to choice in their marketplace. Then, we maximize exposure for the event on media sites of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates, plus other newspaper and authority sites. Some of the newsworthy events we have created for our clients include radio/podcast interviews, profile pieces on authority sites, magazine articles, and as featured experts in published best selling books.”

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Company Name: Authority Media Agency
Contact Person: Chad T. Collins
Phone: 310-400-6317
Country: United States