Toronto Book Publisher, Debbie Horovitch Selected To Speak At NOT ALONE: Entrepreneurship & Mental Illness: An Evening Of Storytelling

Published on October 15, 2018

Debbie Horovitch has been asked to share her story of finding personal insight and awareness while balancing mental health and juggling the stresses of launching a business at NOT ALONE: Entrepreneurship & Mental Illness: An Evening Of Storytelling.

This event is taking place Friday November 23, 2018 at 7pm at The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Annex located at 720 Bathurst St, Toronto

Entrepreneurs taking the stage that night to share their personal story joining Horovitch, herself known as Fairy Godmother Book Publisher and Author Promoter in Toronto, include Jayson Gaignard, founder of Mastermind Talks and host of the Community Made podcast; Sang Kim who has launched some of the best known modern Japanese and Korean restaurant brands in Toronto and is also an accomplished writer and the creator of SUSHI MAKING FOR THE SOUL, Canada’s most popular hands-on sushi workshops; and Megan Rafuse, the Founder of Shift Collab, an integrated healthcare company that offers both therapy and mental wellness education in a simple, relatable, and actionable way.

Created and hosted by Mike Brcic, founder of Mastermind Adventures and Jordan Axani who leads Shift Collab with Megan Rafuse, who is also hosting.

In 2012 Horovitch began interviewing successful book authors & publishers on YouTube videos, which earned her numerous consulting clients including The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, speaking on stage in Las Vegas, and a livestream video that is still embedded on More importantly, her “test” show #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers became the proof she needed to commit herself to entrepreneurship.

When she experienced the sudden death of a close family member, Horovitch found herself unprepared in business for the following emotional struggle of grief and acceptance, this necessitated delaying offering her publishing services by nearly 3 years.

By the time she launched her book in 2016, The Silver Linings Storybook (an anthology storybook about the silver linings of life struggles), it earned $40K at the beginning of sponsor sales, and allowed 18 first time authors to experience becoming a bestselling book author. Although it was successful, it still brought unexpected and extreme challenges that helped her grow her confidence and see her value at a 10x amount.

Horovitch now interviews leaders and entrepreneurs on her podcast The Silver Linings Storycast, helping reveal how they individually have experienced the “Silver Linings” in their own worst struggles.

“Balancing mental health challenges and relationships and career stresses can be difficult – if not impossible” says Horovitch, “I work hard to see my mental health as a tool that can support all my life’s dreams and desires. That comes from dedication to self care and learning to love myself, instead of seeing my mental health as something to shy away from and never talk about.”

Entrepreneurship especially puts you in situations that show you all your personality deficits and faults, and calls you to discover and develop your talents, strengths, and creativity, so that you can change.”

Debbie Horovitch has been an entrepreneur in Toronto for the last 10 years, after a 13-year career as a media buyer for Toronto advertising agencies, and a lifetime passion for media channels and advertising.

As a Fairy Godmother Book Publisher & Author Promoter, in the last 3 years Debbie Horovitch has published and helped more than 30 people become bestselling book authors. She has consulted and created training programs in social media community management and advertising strategies for The Globe and Mail, Nissan Cars, and many others. Horovitch is a 23-year alumni of the Humber College Advertising-Media Management program and worked for Toronto agencies for more than 10 years.

More information about Debbie Horovitch can be found at

ABOUT NOT ALONE: Entrepreneurship & Mental Illness – an evening of storytelling
A recent study has showed that entrepreneurs are twice as likely as the general population to suffer from depression, almost 3x as likely to have bipolar disease. Almost every entrepreneur can relate to feelings of intense anxiety.

Yet these stories remain untold and unshared. We suffer in silence, afraid to take off the mask and admit that we’re struggling. We have to put on a shiny, happy face for our employees, our investors, our customers… the whole world. And that makes the struggle even harder. It’s time to open up the dialogue. It’s time to remove the stigmas and taboos around mental illness in the world of entrepreneurship.

On this intimate evening, 4 prominent local entrepreneurs will share their stories: stories of struggle, stories of loss, stories of darkness, and stories of pain. Some will be sharing their story for the first time, some for the first time in public. They’ll also share stories of their healing journey, and how they coped or are coping with mental illness.

Let’s normalize the conversation around mental illness. Let’s get talking. More information and tickets to NOT ALONE are available at the iUniverse site

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