TPD Expands Portland Semiconductor Staffing Division

Published on June 26, 2017

TPD an international workforce and HR solutions organization has been asked by clients to expand its semiconductor staffing solutions in the Portland Metro Area.

TPD provides semiconductor conductor organizations in the Portland region the flexible staffing solution they need to meet market demands including contractor payrolling solutions. The growing global demand for semiconductor components has provided growth opportunities for Portland-based semiconductor companies. To meet that growing demand these companies consistently reach out to TPD as their workforce partner.

By providing a team of qualified, highly responsive staff, including Gasbox Assemblers, Material Handlers, Orbital Welders and Machinists, Plastic Assemblers, Plastic Test Technicians, and Gas Test Technicians to name a few. TPD helps businesses focus on their own objectives, taking back the time they spend managing employees or ramping up their hiring.

For semiconductor companies that require staff with a specialized skill set, the talent pool of workers can be low especially if the contract is not going to be full time. This is where TPD’s experienced semiconductor recruiting and staffing division comes to the rescue with our existing, qualified, background checked and drug screened staff ready to be deployed.

After becoming the employer of record, TPD mitigates the risk for organizations who hire contractors and project workers, by protecting them against employer-related issues and costly tax violations.

At the same time, TPD takes on the administrative burden of handling the vacation pay, regular income, and benefits of the contract workers they provide to Portland semiconductor businesses.

About TPD

TPD® is an international Workforce and HR Solutions company that partners with our clients and talent pool to help people succeed and help organizations perform. Founded in 1980, TPD works with people, for people, and about people; providing scalable HR solutions that are backed by the best-proven practices in the industry.


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