TPD Featured in HubSpot Case Study for 75% Time Reduction in Employee Onboarding

Published on July 10, 2017

TPD Cuts Client Onboarding Time by 75% by using HubSpot CRM and PandaDoc Integration, TPD is a global HR and workforce solutions company with locations throughout North America.

TPD manages large quantities and varieties of HR documents for their clients and their own hiring needs in employing thousands of temporary staff.

The easy to implement and operate CRM helped TPD seamlessly integrate their sales and marketing efforts – Specifically, HubSpot’s integration with PandaDoc, a document automation tool, saved TPD hundreds of hours, reducing client onboarding time by 75%. To highlight their PandaDoc integration, Hubspot recently published a case study showing how the addition has helped TPD be more efficient.

Hubspot’s case study highlighted some of TPD’s background – After rebranding in 2013, and servicing a growing number of clients virtually, TPD was still slow with its document process. The practice of sending, printing, signing, and having documents sent back to local offices was slow, and welcomed room for human error – Centralizing and standardizing documents across office locations became a high priority for TPD at the time.

As emphasized in Hubspot’s case study, the PandaDoc integration lets TPD create, deliver, sign, and store all important client documents – without ever having to leave HubSpot. At the same time, the linking of the two allows TPD to remove human error from its previously inefficient document process, have consistency with the company’s branding, and save a significant amount of time and resources.

TPD clients appreciate the integration as well. Since the coupling of HubSpot and Pandadoc around 9 months ago, TPD has sent over 500 contracts for current clients to review and sign electronically, and with feedback being overwhelmingly positive.

Kelsey Boyd, Director of Business Systems & Processes at TPD is responsible for reviewing and quantifying the ROI on new tools – She says ‘the numbers tell the story here”. With the PandaDoc integration, TPD decreased the time of onboarding a new hire from 1 hour to just 15 minutes – saving 188 hours per month. As well, TPD eliminated 44% of spend on software licenses and decreased unnecessary tools used like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud

Click here to read Hubspot’s case study in full

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TPD® is an international Workforce and HR Solutions company that partners with our clients and talent pool to help people succeed and help organizations perform. Founded in 1980, TPD works with people, for people, and about people; providing scalable HR solutions that are backed by the best-proven practices in the industry.

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