TPD Introduces Semiconductor Staffing Division in Portland

Published on February 21, 2017

TPD a full service Workforce & HR Solutions company enables leaders to focus on building their business, while TPD provides the infrastructure and support to proactively find and manage talent.

In order to better meet the needs of a bustling market, TPD announced it will be expanding its staffing division to include semiconductor staffing services specific to the Portland, Oregon metro area.  A rise in specialized skills to support the semiconductor industry has allowed TPD to provide screened, qualified, and flexible staff to semiconductor manufacturers throughout the region.  

Engineering organizations, chemical plants, and manufacturers in the Portland area oftentimes have a need to support gaps in workforce capacity, either from cyclical fabrication patterns or local response to macroeconomic production increases.   

By providing a team of quality staff, including Engineer and Assembler positions, TPD helps organizations focus on their core objectives, reducing the time they spend onboarding and offboarding employees or ramping up their hiring. For businesses that require staff with a specialized skill set, the hiring and screening process can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the process of managing, hiring, and payrolling additional contract workers for temporary time frames.

As seen in a recent Wall Street Journal article titled “The End of Employees”, many prominent US companies like Google, FedEx, Virgin America, Pfizer, and many more are leveraging an elastic employee model to reduce cost burden and gain more flexibility with resources.  The process of moving non-core business jobs out of a company and into a workforce solution provider allows businesses to focus on what they do best. Workers can be replaced quickly so no gaps in business operations occur, and companies can devote time to the final product.         

“We have seen a steady increase in requests from our semiconductor and manufacturing clients over the last year for qualified, screened, and able workers to meet market demands in the bouncing back local Portland economy. Our staffing services come with industry leading guarantees and our employees stay with us for several years because we treat them like family, our mission to help people succeed and organizations perform is implemented on a daily basis” stated Matthew Loughran Director of Marketing and Sales at TPD.     

After becoming the employer of record, TPD mitigates the risk for organizations who hire contractors and project workers, by protecting them against employer-related issues and costly tax violations.  This service allows TPD to absorb all human resource related activities including the administrative burden of handling vacation pay, regular income, and benefits of the contract workers they provide to Portland businesses; all while organizations receive qualified staff ready to work.  

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