TPD, The International HR & Workforce Solutions Experts, Launched The TPD HR SmartScan This Week

Published on April 29, 2016

The TPD HR SmartScan launched this week. It’s like a CAT Scan for businesses, providing actionable intelligence that positively impacts business results and employee performance.

The TPD HR SmartScan provides business decision makers insight in three major areas of their organizations: Gaps In Compliance, Structural Cracks and 360 Degree Internal Viewpoints. Many business owners are unaware of certain compliance and regulatory requirements they are supposed to be inline with, both on a local and federal level. The TPD HR SmartScan finds the missing pieces so businesses avoid the unwanted employee lawsuit. The TPD HR SmartScan minimizes risk for the business by ensuring proper processes are in place.

The TPD HR SmartScan surveys the businesses current HR landscape and uncovers ineffective programs or programs on life support as well as the HR landmines only visible to the expert eye. Interesting facts: “87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges” – Global Human Capital Trends, 2015 and “Fewer than 49% of employees would recommend their employer to a friend” Glassdoor Data Labs, Dec 2015. The TPD HR SmartScan provides insight from a selection of internal stakeholders to highlight what employees really think of the company.

“I am passionate about helping businesses perform through better people practices, and was frustrated by how many companies I encountered who thought of HR as just dealing with payroll, benefits and people problems” stated Elena Smith, Lead HR Strategist. “So TPD has developed an HR SmartScan to help small and medium size businesses identify opportunities to improve their business performance, effectiveness and culture by implementing proactive and strategic HR programs that are right for the size and stage of their business” added Smith.

TPD clients are already reaping the benefits of TPD’s HR Services, according to one software company CFO “It was a strategic decision to “in-source” our HR department and the results have surpassed our expectations. The TPD team delivered value from day one and the benefits of their flexible and scalable resources enabled ElasticPath to quickly, and cost effectively, implement HR best practices across the company.”

About TPD

TPD is an international Workforce and HR Solutions company that partners with our clients and talent pool to help people succeed and help organizations perform.  Founded in 1980, TPD works with people, for people, and about people; providing scalable HR solutions that are backed by the best proven practices in the industry. For more information please visit  or call 888.685.3530

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