Triad Aviation Academy Offers Expanded Flight Attendant Preparation Course

Published on April 8, 2019

After 3 successful years training flight attendants under the FACT program name, Triad Aviation Academy (TAA) is announcing an upgraded and expanded Flight Attendant Training Program at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC.

Airlines typically reject 90 – 95% of all who apply for a flight attendant job, and greater than 30% of trainees selected fail to successfully pass the government mandated airline training.

“TAA’s program changes that,” says Executive Director Wendy Stafford, a former flight attendant and inflight supervisor, who developed and has trained this program for over 20 years. “Our goal is to flip those numbers around so that 90% of our graduates who pursue a career are hired. The airline industry undergoes frequent changes and training schools need to keep pace with that. Triad Aviation Academy now provides a state-of-the-art program with a completely updated curriculum.”

TAA’s Flight Attendant Training Program is operated by flight attendants with over 30 years of experience who meet with students for personal coaching and features a two-week home study course with pre-class manuals followed by a 5-day intensive coaching and training experience at the PTI airport in Greensboro, with a focus on safety and FAA regulations

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Wendy continued, “Finding the right training school can be a challenge. It pays to do your homework. Triad Aviation Academy provides students with a level of preparation unequaled by online programs or travel schools. Participants receive personalized attention from experts in the field and are provided with an airline specific educational safety net to ensure success in the airline selection and hiring process.”

She finished up by saying, “We are expanding our image coaching and are instructing students in the use and pre-flight procedures of our new, advanced emergency equipment. Students are also taken onboard commercial type aircraft to practice emergency demonstrations and simulated practice drills. At the end of the session, free interviews with airline recruiters are offered with many students hired right in class.”

Triad Aviation Academy owner Bruce McCall added “This elite training program is targeted for those individuals whose ultimate goal is to become a Flight Attendant. We created a fast track by which our trainees receive the most condensed and efficient training in the industry and the most assured route to their success.”

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If you love to fly, travel and are an independent individual with an easy going temperament – becoming a Flight Attendant might be the career for you!

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