Triad Aviation Academy Offers New Curriculum Additions to Their Flight Attendant Training Program

Published on September 5, 2019

Embarking on a career as a Flight Attendant is a rewarding but challenging experience. Landing the interview with the airline is the 1st step. Flight attendant training programs can help you achieve that. But what happens after you get the job?

Prospective flight attendants must be well versed in airline lingo, rules and regulations.

Many flight attendant training and prep schools prepare you for this by instructing students in a wide variety of aviation-related topics including FAA regulations, terminology, emergency procedures, first aid and other safety information that is standard to the industry.

Personalized guidance usually includes coaching in airline-specific interviewing skills and dress codes.

Triad Aviation Academy Executive Director Wendy Stafford, a former flight attendant, and inflight supervisor, states, “We have not only expanded our image coaching but have added new facets of learning about the industry, instructing students in the use and pre-flight checking of new, advanced emergency equipment. Our students are also taken on board a commercial type aircraft to practice emergency demonstrations and simulated practice drills. Recruiters from two or more airlines attend every class to interview students and most are hired by an airline right in class.”

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So now you have aced the interview and received your job offer. The next step is heading to airline training. Industry-wide, greater than 30% of airline trainees either quit or do not make the grade in the government-mandated initial airline training.

Stafford states “To combat this drop off rate, our students receive personalized attention from experts in the field and are provided with an airline-specific educational safety net to ensure success in the airline selection and training process. We also offer lifetime job placement assistance, but our current focus is on helping our Graduates make it through airline training.”

Academy CEO Bruce McCall says, “Triad Aviation Academy provides students with a level of preparation unequaled by other flight attendant prep courses, online programs or travel schools. TAA has expanded its curriculum to include:”

1) Firefighting training where students fight controlled fires using a regulation fire extinguisher, with and without a smoke hood (PBE – Protective Breathing Equipment).

2) Touring the Air Traffic Control Tower where they observe controllers at work – watching the radar screens and listening to actual communications between pilots and controllers in real-time, helping the students develop an appreciation for the complexity of having a job where your ‘office is in the sky’.

3) A licensed pilot visits as a guest speaker and explains “what makes a plane fly” and how weather and winds affect flight and what to expect in the cabin.

4) Frequently former students who have graduated from us and from their airline training class come back as guest speakers and address prospective student’s questions and concerns for the process going forward.

McCall continues, “These additions to our curriculum aid students in the next phase of their career and because we also train pilots at our Academy, TAA staff can provide unique insight to the importance of the total crew experience.

Providing students with these hands-on and behind the scenes, experiences help the prospective Flight Attendants develop a more complete understanding of the aviation industry and give them a leg up in being more fully prepared for airline training after being hired.”

In operation since 2016 and located on PTI airport property, the Flight Attendant Training Program at Triad Aviation Academy offers this 5-day flight attendant preparation course monthly.

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Our Flight Attendant instructors have more than 40 years of flight attendant experience with major U.S. airlines.

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