T&S Publishing released Best Selling Book Field to Boardrooms

Published on October 14, 2019

Field to Boardrooms is a terrific book that brings together the knowledge and experience of United States Veterans through conversations. It has become a Best Seller.

Field to Boardrooms contains stories about US Veterans who have all ventured into the business world as business owners and have grown their businesses from scratch to multi-million-dollar companies. Apart from the fact that the book offers secrets from professionals on how to attain effective VOB, including accreditation, financing, grants, understanding, and marketing, you will also receive business advice and guidance from experts who have tried, failed, and made a name for themselves in the business world. This incredible book centers on conveying more direction and precision to veterans prospecting business ownership or working within corporate America and encourages veterans to reach for the stars. Featured in Field of the Boardrooms are:


Lena Geronimo: Lead author and director of Talk Life Radio who seeks to help small businesses grow their companies by marketing their products or services and creating awareness about their voice.

Scott Arias: CEO of Ace Consulting, a solution-based company that satisfies their clients through technical expertise and skills, helping them achieve their goals and visions, as well as generate income and grow their businesses.

Mick Dubuis: President and founder of Partner in Energy LLC. As a project manager and healthcare specialist, his main mission is to provide an easy guide that will help fellow veteran entrepreneurs like him do business with the government.

Crystal Fairley: Founder and owner of Uncle Keith Gourmet Foods, a retail business that deals with food and hot sauce. Uncle Keith Gourmet foods seeks to enable people to enjoy their meals while creating memories.

Greg Jenkins: Founder and CEO of Greg Jenkins Consulting, a diversity & inclusion service-based business that helps organizations and their leaders who want to build an inclusive workforce and better teams by creating work-friendly environments for their workforce by helping them feel valued, respected, welcomed and attain fulfillment at their place of work.

Haleema Shafeek: President and founder of Green Office Furniture Solutions LLC, a company that helps clients who are willing to create a work-friendly and healthy working environment for their employees through their furniture and designs.  HTS

Jimi Page: The Founder and CEO of Page Global, a company that operates in the classified space of providing quality copiers, printers and document management to support the cybersecurity space of  IT  Management Consulting Services  and Data Cleansing Nationally.

Abdul Baytops: Owner of OFS Consulting, a company that grows businesses from scratch into multi-million dollar businesses and, of course, in alignment with their goals and visions, both short term and long term.

Lee Rainer: The CEO of LR Associates, LLC.  As a logistics and international marketing specialist, Lee hopes to inspire several veterans to start their own companies following their passions and mastered skills.

William Belknap: The initiator and owner of Energy, a renowned company that provides maintenance, repair, and other facility services to the federal government, specifically the Veterans Affairs.

Bill Irwin: The president of Data Line Office Systems. As a sales expert, his main focus is to inspire entrepreneurs to use technology to build and grow their brand and achieve their business goals.

Ron Eslinger: The president of Healthy Visions, a service-based enterprise that helps businesses grow through their trainings, seminars, and workshops. They also help to treat people who have any sort of chronic pain, stress, or anger through their management programs.


Look on Amazon for Best Selling Fields to Boardrooms. All the veterans in this project are honored to share their stories to inspire, motivate, and encourage other upcoming veterans who want to join the journey. Get nothing but real-life stories and experiences in Field to Boardrooms.


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