Turning Problems Into Profits With Brandy Miller

Published on March 27, 2020

Every Mountain of Problems Hides a Gold Mine of Opportunity!

With COV-19 shutting down many aspects of the economy, there are plenty of people concerned about their income and worried about their financial future. International speaker and award-winning author Brandy M. Miller isn’t one of them. 

But that wasn’t always the case. She grew up in poverty and faced her darkest moment at the age of 23. “My husband had just been fired. We didn’t have the money to pay the rent that was due in a week. I lost every bit of hope in that moment.”

Her thoughts became so dark that she considered taking not only her own life, but the life of her three year old son. The shock of realizing how close she’d come to doing the unthinkable and destroying both of their lives shifted everything for her.

At that moment, she became determined to find a way to improve all three of their lives or die trying. She took a stand for herself and fight for the things she wanted in life – including a better marriage, a better life for her son, and a better financial future for all three of them.

The journey from poverty to prosperity was long and filled with setbacks. Two months before her son’s eighth birthday, he stood in her room telling her not only that he was going to kill himself but exactly how he would do it – and he had a backup plan in case that first plan didn’t work. The time she’d invested in building a corporate career and getting an education was literally killing her son.

She quit the corporate world and took a harder road, one with less financial security but more freedom of time to spend with her family. That decision led her down the road to becoming a published author. However, the financial struggles were very real. In 2014, she published The Poverty Diaries, a collection of excerpts from her diaries during the years in poverty, in a desperate attempt to raise the money to make it to her son’s boot camp graduation. 

Brandy has come a long way since then. Today, she is the published author of 8 titles, including How To Write a Book In 40 Days (or Less!) and her latest title, Turning Problems Into Profits, and the co-author of two anthologies including Free To Choose Forgiveness with Dr. Norma McLauchlin. Also, she is the editor of 25 Hottest Indies, and the And I Thought Literary Magazine and has appeared on television and podcasts. 

While her business began focused on writing books, it didn’t take Brandy long to recognize that writing was about much more than putting words on paper.

“It’s about solving problems,” she explains. “Every book begins with a problem and ends when the results of applying the solution to it are revealed.”

Combining her gift for creative strategy with her natural writing talent, she released Turning Problems Into Profits in November of 2019. “I never realized just how timely that book release would be, or how many people would need it in the months ahead.”

The book is a step-by-step guide to how to turn any past problem that someone knows how to solve into a profitable business. “Every mountain of problems hides a gold mine of opportunity,” she explains. “You just have to know how to evaluate it, mine it, refine it, package it, and present it to the right market for it to shine.”

She has currently priced the ebook at 99 cents in the hopes that those who are struggling as she once did will pick up a copy and find in those pages the help they need. Her system doesn’t requires a lot of money, degrees, certifications, or fancy equipment. She actually built her business on a $0 marketing budget.  All that’s needed is an internet connection, a computer, and a Facebook account.

She encourages those who might be worried about their financial future right now to trust in themselves and believe that they have plenty of value to offer others, even if they may not see it right now. “This world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We all have something to contribute to the puzzle, we just may not have found where we fit into that puzzle yet.” 

The skill of figuring out what people have to offer that’s of value to the world is one that Brandy fine-tuned during her years of ghost writing.

Her ability to see the opportunity hidden in the problems is what led to her current title as “The Opportunity Prospector.” In fact, she sees a great opportunity for wealthy investors to generate incredible profits by partnering with her to locate the hidden gold inside those who are currently facing financial hardship and assisting them in turning that gold into online businesses that will sustain themselves and contribute to their communities.

To those who doubt her plan, she states simply: “We are all in this financial struggle together. If we’re going to make it out of this with as few hardships as possible, we’re going to need to work together.”

To those who are looking for more hands-on help, Brandy does offer group coaching and courses. For more information, visit her website: http://theopportunityprospector.com or email her at brandy@theopportunityprospector.com

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