Two Veterans Turned Entrepreneurs Featured in Business Innovators Cell Phone Repair Store Owners are Saving Gadgets Lives

Published on February 24, 2015

Two US Army Veterans partner to provide value and serve the community in Mid-Missouri saving one gadget life at a time

Local Cell Phone Repair franchise owners Lan Reliford and Erin Weichelt both had interviews featured in Business Innovators.  In the interviews, The Cell Phone Repair – RS  franchise owners discuss how they are able to remain relevant and successful in a time when the national economy and lack of consumer spending make it difficult for independent businesses to remain profitable.

The interviews in Business Innovators speak to the goals shared by Cell Phone Repair franchise owners Lan Reliford and Erin Weichelt, provide value as a service. Both Lan and Erin are United States Army Veterans. As former armed service members, their determination to succeed and commitment to excellence is reflected in their business. “We want to be the best in electronics repair in the Mid-Missouri Regional Market,” says Lan Reliford. CPR is accomplishing this mission by providing technical expertise and top notch customer service to the community.Working to accomplish this locally at retail locations while also making efforts to have an impact on a much larger scale. Cell Phone Repairs – RS participates in an electronic device recycling program that impacts the environment globally. By keeping the plastic glass and metallic components that devices are made of out of landfills, this program is helping to ensure that the world is a better place to live in. Upcycling, and reusing the precious resources found in consumer electronics reduces waste and directly impacts the planet.  

The Cellular Phone Repair franchise specializes in the same day repair of smartphones, computers, tablets, and just about any consumer electronic or gadget manufactured worldwide. When asked why they invested in multiple Cell Phone Repair Franchises, co-owner Erin Weichelt stated, “Technology is ever evolving and improving. As our dependence on mobile devices and computers increases, so does the need for a competent company that can repair and maintain those devices.”

Personal electronics have become an individual major tool to communicate and stay connected in business and in everyday life, in the devastating event that the device malfunctions or is damaged, owners want an expert to handle the repair quickly and correctly. The CPR team understands just how essential that laptops, cell phones, and tablets are to their customers everyday life and how difficult it can be to communicate without these essentials.

Cell Phone Repairs – RS  goal is to provide a high-quality repair without causing the customer prolonged separation from the gadget they rely on. Once clients bring their device into a Mid-Missouri Cell Phone Repair – RS location the team goes to work. Technicians examine the equipment, in order to obtain a thorough diagnosis of the problem. Customer service representatives help customers answer questions. Together they work to quickly provide the customer a free estimate containing an analysis of the damage or malfunction, detailing the estimated time and cost of the repair. Cell Phone Repair -RS provides this diagnostic service to the consumer free of charge, with absolutely no obligation to purchase repair services. A technician will then inform the consumer whether or not it is possible to fix the problem on site. If this is possible, the customer can wait while the work is completed or choose to be contacted by phone, email, or social media once the repair is completed. Erin Weichelt “We are dedicated to finding a way to fix the device same day. This reduces or eliminates customer device separation”. In the event the device cannot be repaired the same day, Cell Phone Repair – RS has a policy in place to loan customers a temporary replacement free of charge when possible.

CPR Cell Phone Repair is a thriving franchise system with tremendous growth opportunities. In fact, CPR Cell Phone Repair is currently the largest independent walk-in cell phone repair service provider chain in North America. Lan and Erin are currently saving gadgets at three locations. Cell Phone Repair – RS acquired its first location in Rolla, Missouri, taking over from the former operator and transition from managers to owners. Soon after a second location was opened in St. Robert, Missouri. This location serves Fort Leonard Wood, Waynesville, and Pulaski County. Most recently, a Grand Opening of a third Location in Springfield, Missouri, the state’s third largest city opened its doors managed by experienced leaders, staffed by consumer technology educators and advocates and supported by technology experts who all have the same goal, saving gadget lives.

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