Unlikely Entrepreneur Helps Clients and Audiences make Rapid Life Transformations

Published on March 21, 2019

UNITED KINGDOM - - - Sarah Griffiths is the founder of three businesses and a globally sought-after speaker and certified Rapid Transformation Therapist, whose star is on the rise. In her book, The Unlikely 7-Figure Entrepreneur, she tells her story of being bullied, growing up in poverty, dealing with the scars of a difficult childhood and an overwhelming sense of despair that led to a suicide attempt at age 45.

“I am ever grateful that instead of my story ending that day, that it is the day my story actually began. It was my wake-up call that it was past time to battle my fears and insecurities and overcome my limiting beliefs,” said Griffiths. “I developed a mindset which enabled me to take the action to create the life and business that I wanted. And at the heart of that change was rapid transformation therapy.”

Rapid transformation therapy – RTT – is a combination of hypnotherapy and traditional therapies like neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy that she uses to cure limiting emotional and mental health issues including addiction, depression and anxiety and unexplained physical symptoms that have an emotional root, such as fibromyalgia and IBS. She also uses it to help her clients understand and overcome their food addictions and take control of their weight. She then combines RTT with coaching to help clients achieve their holistic life goals.

And increasingly, clients are seeking out Sarah to help with their food addiction. In response, she will launch a six-week weight control program called the 6-Week Total Body and Mind Transformation on April 1 that focuses on weight reduction, wellness and self-confidence. It will be offered online, virtually or in-person and includes a private RTT session with segments dedicated to releasing food addiction, abundant thinking, self-confidence and relationships, to name a few. A follow-up reinforcement retreat will be held in November.

During recent interviews on Business Innovators Radio Network and in Small Business Trendsetters magazine, Griffiths shared, “I think too many people get to the point of desperation before they reach out for help so I try to spread the message far and wide to seek support earlier rather than later because mental health, emotional challenges and weight issues do not go away on their own.”

Yet not all of her clients are looking for help with emotional hurdles. Many entrepreneurs and business executives seek her services to tackle the obstacles getting in the way of their business growth and professional development, including conquering fears of public speaking.

“I have 20 years of corporate experience and run three businesses, so this group of clients trust my business expertise along with my skills in rapid transformation and hypnotherapies,” said Griffiths. “I wholeheartedly believe in success by design and that appeals to entrepreneurs and business people.”

Griffiths offers 90- to 120-minute sessions delivered online, virtually or in-person and she said that one appointment typically suffices when dealing with one particular issue but the majority of clients book a set of three to deal with multiple challenges, especially business clients.

As the buzz around Griffiths’ methods and successes builds, she has increased her speaking engagements and to date, has travelled to three continents to speak to audiences of thousands.  She has even shared a stage with celebrities like Brooke Shields, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen.  


She speaks on topics such as: Becoming the real you; Mindset and motivation; Finally finding yourself at 50; Harness the Power of Hypnosis and RTT; and much more.


“Every person has it in them to easily change themselves, their beliefs and ultimately, their lives,” she added. “I am honoured that I get to help them achieve that.”

For more information about Sarah Griffiths’ coaching and RTT sessions, speaking engagements and book, go to www.sallyg.com. For more information on the 6-Week Total Body and Mind Transformation weight management program, go to mailchi.mp/sallyg.com/rtt6weekprogramme.

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