Uulala Named In BuzzFeed As Fintech Firm To Watch As Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Surges Worldwide

Published on June 25, 2019

Uulala was recently featured alongside Libra, founded by Facebook, and Alipay, founded by Alibaba Group in a BuzzFeed article highlighting 3 Fintech Firms To Watch As Blockchain Cryptocurrency Surges Worldwide.

As people gain access to financial services, they are able to save money safely outside the home, an important step towards financial security. They can also start building a credit profile which leads to the potential for loans to buy a house, build a business or pay for education. Opening up access to new capital, rather than forcing businesses and individuals to rely on strictly limited financial resources, creates huge potential for growth and financial success.

“Almost half of the adults in the world don’t have an active bank account and those numbers are worse in developing countries and even worse for women. Digital currencies haven’t gained widespread acceptance largely because they aren’t well understood, and are associated by most people with gamers and shady characters trading on the dark web.” writes BuzzFeed Contributor, Brian Ainsley Horn.

He continues to explain how Libra, Uulala, and Alipay are “positioned to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain something that the general population worldwide will actually use.”

While Alipay is focused on serving the Chinese market and Libra is still in the development phase, Uulala is quickly capturing the Latino market as they roll out across Mexico and soon the US. 

US-based Latino’s alone account for $2.13 trillion GDP which is $1 trillion more than the entire GDP of Mexico. “Why would you disrespect that amount of money?” Oscar Garcia Uulala CEO was previously quoted as saying. 

Being featured in BuzzFeed alongside two tech giants following the launch of the Uulala platform, which is designed to help people send and receive money for a fraction of the cost, access microcredit offers from their favorite retailers, pay bills with ease, build credit, enjoy online shopping, and take charge of their financial future, added another exciting milestone to a very exciting month for the company who just completed the first Latin-American IEO and launched their token on their first exchange. 

As the company scales in Mexico and gears up for their USA launch this summer continued momentum and business development opportunities to serve the most vulnerable continue to be at the heart of Uulala. The recognition they have received by publications worldwide and partnerships they have developed with global entities is a direct result of the team’s unwavering focus on their mission and their continuous development and improvement of their strategy and technology.

About Uulala 

Uulala is a blockchain powered fintech company that facilitates and accelerates the financial inclusion of the under-banked and unbanked populations. Uulala empowers the under-banked communities by providing financial tools to easily send and receive payments, pay bills, receive micro-financing and build an international blockchain based credit profile and digital identity.  


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