Vanessa Halloum's Holistic Approach To Business Coaching and Marketing Is Helping Her Clients Shine

Vanessa Halloum’s Holistic Approach To Business Coaching and Marketing Is Helping Her Clients Shine

Business coach and marketer Vanessa Halloum of Radiant Buzz employs a savvy approach when it comes to taking clients to the next level of success.

Helping clients get their messaging correct and well-distributed, consultant Vanessa Halloum runs her business Radiant Buzz ( with an eye toward taking the marketing pressure off business owners so they can get back to doing what they do best.

“We provide mission-driven entrepreneurs with done-for-you online marketing solutions like web design, blog management, marketing campaign and social media marketing that allows them to easily attract their ideal clients and lets them focus on their gifts and talents,” Halloum says.

Working with Halloum, clients can expect: to develop a clear message, to use that message to effectively attract the right clients to encourage organic growth, to launch and employ an authentic, individualized marketing campaign, to gain familiarity with the tools the need to effectively market their businesses, to share their message, mission and business with a wide range of prospective clients.

Having recently launched the Ft. Lauderdale chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Halloum focuses on helping entrepreneurs who offer clients life-changing opportunities, but who need some help getting their messages out. Developing marketing plans that are specific to each of her clients, Halloum endeavors to close the gap between between her clients and their potential customers.

“The most rewarding aspect of my business is to see positive and conscious businesses grow. Businesses that make a difference and a positive impact in our world. A lot of times the business owners behind these powerful and life-changing businesses don’t have the know-how of how to grow their business because they are focusing on making a difference,” Halloum says. “I feel like my business creates a ripple effect in the world by allowing these change-agents, healers, authors, coaches and speakers to reach and serve more people so we can eventually create a better planet for all of us to live in.”

Working with Laura Davis, the best-selling author of The Courage to Heal, Halloum was able to ease the writer’s discomfort surrounding marketing into an authentic and very effective marketing campaign that played on Davis’ strengths. By employing better social media engagement, blogging, and more direct interaction with her, Davis was able to boost her name recognition and sell out previously under-attended workshops and events.

“Vanessa Halloum is a marketing wizard, an amazing, warm, motivational coach, and a strategic genius. I have a small business that was limping along due to my distaste for marketing. I didn’t like selling myself or hawking my products,” Davis said. “Vanessa has helped me create a dynamic marketing plan that feels like it fits who I am and the way I want to project myself in the world. Attendance at my events has grown dramatically and steadily under her tutelage.”

Offering both business coaching and marketing consulting, Halloum provides integrated services to more fully serve her clients. In doing this, Halloum is able to fine-tune both business strategy and marketing, leading to a more harmonious and fully-realized approach that gets results.

“We believe in a holistic approach to business,” Halloum says. “In a holistic approach to business we are always looking to create win-win-win situations: the consumer wins because they are able to solve a problem they have with your service or product, you win because you provide a quality service or product in a fair exchange of energy and money, and the planet wins because your service or product serves the planet in a positive way. This is sacred reciprocity.”

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