Veteran Fayetteville NC Counseling Professional Locates Practice Close To Fort Bragg

Veteran Fayetteville NC Counseling Professional Locates Practice Close To Fort Bragg

Counseling professional Dr. Stan Meloy has a location close to Fort Bragg to better serve the military and their families.

Retired military Veteran, Dr. Stan Meloy, has achieved meaningful results over many years for soldiers and civilians alike. He has a practice named Olive Branch Resolutions, located close to Fort Bragg NC which will conveniently help those who have served and those who still serve.

The counseling profession has an advocate in retired military Veteran, Dr. Stan Meloy, who has a philosophy which serves civilian and military patients in different and effective ways. As a counselor he realizes that to be effective he has to understand those lifestyle differences.

His approach has been developed over the years with a combination of experience and education. He went from civilian to military service during the Vietnam era and that tour of duty puts him in a unique position to view military patients through what he refers to as an ‘army-life lens’, which allows him to empathize with soldiers and their families.

This is extremely important in counseling for several reasons. It is very difficult for a civilian to empathize with the travails of military life. Situations experienced by the solider, spouse and family are definitely unique and Dr. Meloy feels confident his location close to the base will allow easier access to a sympathetic ear.

Dr. Meloy has been treating combat veteran patients in the Veterans Rehab Project in Fayetteville NC, at the Hyperbarics Wellness Center located in Boone Trail Center. The VRP is a local project which is funded by Mission 22, the successful global non-profit, whose goal is the reduction of military suicides.

“I feel blessed to be able to serve civilians and military and especially those who have been injured in combat and training. It is becoming more evident that soldiers have a history of traumatic brain injuries which can contribute mightily to what is commonly referred to as PTSD. If a physically damaged brain can be coaxed to heal through a wellness combination of oxygen therapy, physical training and massage, it can immensely help counseling results”, says Dr. Meloy.

Fayetteville Hyperbarics Wellness Center is located in the heart of the medical district, close to the hospital, Cape Fear Center for Digestive Diseases, Valley Regional Imaging and many other medical practices.

Olive Branch Resolutions is located on the Fayetteville side of Reilly Road, only about a mile from the Fort Bragg gate.

For more information please visit: or call the practice at (910) 425-8685

Olive Branch Resolutions
690 N. Reilly Road
Fayetteville NC 28314
(910) 425-8685

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