Vivica Menegaz Announces The Healing Foods Method A Health And Weight Loss Program

Published on March 4, 2015

Leading Ketogenic diet specialist releases new program with ability to alleviate systemic inflammation. Inflammation is behind every major disorder faced by humans today.

It is no secret that Obesity and Diabetes have reached epidemic proportions. Vivica Menegaz has met this challenge head-on with the anticipated “The Healing Foods Method”.

During a recent interview, Vivica made these comments: “I have worked as a Nutritionist for more than 4 years using a Paleo approach. The diet was great for some people, but it did not work for everybody. As I learned from my own compromised metabolism and insulin resistance, there is a large category of people who can’t tolerate carbohydrates, so any health building program designed to work for them has to take this in consideration. Now I use a therapeutic ketogenic diet specifically customized for the individual client and I get wonderful results.” 

Dr. Mercola has been quoted stating that a ketogenic diet can lower insulin resistance, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and overall increase life expectancy.

“It actually flies in the face of conventional wisdom and “traditional” medical thinking.  Most doctors (erroneously) believe that increase fat intake makes you insulin resistant.  This might be true if you consume high amounts of fat in the presence of high amounts of carbohydrates (especially sugar), but when carbohydrate intake is reduced, all the fat in the world does not lead to insulin resistance.” – Dr P. Attia

Menegaz released to the public this metabolic renewal program to combat the physical ailments that plague so many people. Her program is designed specifically for individuals who are struggling with excess weight due to an underlying carbohydrate intolerance, which goes hand in hand with insulin resistance, but in reality it is a complete health and lifestyle transformation.

Menegaz’s Keto Paleo Diet program has received rave reviews from her clients.

 Charrisse Robertson., a certified client, had this to say: “After starting Vivica’s program, within the first week, my blood sugars stabilized, in two weeks my blood pressure was back to normal and I’d already lost seven pounds. Vivica has been a true lifeline of support and help throughout the program, and her program is designed to help any person achieve optimal health, from the very ill, to the one who is healthy and just needs a few tweaks.”

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