Wale Adekanla, Dynamic Trainer, Transformational Speaker, Leadership Coach. Talks About His “2019 GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION TOUR” Starting January 21st,2019 In Business Innovators Magazine.

Published on January 18, 2019

On this interview with Tom Chesser, Business Innovators Magazine, Wale Adekanla talks about how his "2019 Global Transformation Tour" is a revolution to increase your income, accelerate your business growth and improve relationships.

Adekanla is President/ Founder of The Leadership Channel Team, an emblem of hope helping many of his clients in achieving their dreams and aspirations, He mentors, consults and coach’s people from all walks of life to transform their personal and business lives to become transformational leaders.

Chesser first asked, “What Is a Transformational Tour, This is not just some feel-good motivational speech or will your life, & business transformation start here?”

Adekanla replied, Yes and No, it will motivate and inspired you, but the most important part is this: You and the audience will walk away with actual skills that will go much further than mere motivation. This transformation training will answer all your questions and get you results. If you want to be successful in relationships, your career, or your business, knowing and applying the 17 Indisputable Laws and strategies will help you in every area of life. You don’t have to learn 17 laws and strategies for business growth, another principle for marriage, and 17 more for your career or spiritual life. It’s the same foundation – the same laws and strategies – and that is why my clients have stories about how these laws and strategies have practically changed every area of their lives.”

When Chesser asked, “Why are you so passionate about this cause and why are you doing this tour?”

Adekanla responded, “We need more transformation agents in Businesses, Communities, Governments, and Nations! I have traveled to many developed and developing nations, and have seen people living below their true potential and this breaks my heart. This shouldn’t be a normal thing! Through my research and personal conviction, I have concluded that things don’t just happen without leadership. I have also concluded that most people don’t see themselves as leaders because of who they think they are not and what they think they don’t have. I believe that nothing starts without leadership; nothing develops without leadership; nothing transforms without leadership, and nothing progresses without leadership.

Adekanla continues by saying, “The transformation tour was initiated through my hunger for leadership multiplication in organizations and developing nations. Leadership is not about someone else; it is about everyone! Everyone was born to lead. Every human possesses leadership potential because everyone was born with leadership seed (gift). Everyone has the potential to create products and services from a personal gift. It’s a pity that many of us have never tried to ‘make things happen’; instead we ‘watch things happen’ or ask, ‘what happened?’ If we don’t change this now, the culture will ruin generations to come. It is high time we renew our minds, change our thinking and get the understanding that we all have leadership abilities to influence everything we can think of.”

Adekanla guarantees, his training will show you how to:
• Rebirth your Business
• Turn employees into free advertising and double productivity.
• Increase scalability.
• Develop leaders with loyalty.
• Motivate Staff with Relationship Strategies.
• Edify Your Team from Employee to “Employee- Entrepreneurs.”
• Prioritize Your Time for Profits.
• Focus on Growth.
• Make your team stay together to achieve an organizational goal.
• Use relationship management strategy when time gets tough.
• Revive motivation when employee’s loyalty is dead.
• Keep an organization together and have an easy community of practice.
• How to get out of any form of personal or business debt.

Here is what people are saying about ADEKANLA:

“He transformed my business in a miraculous way. I appreciate his speech and his mentorship in my life. Thanks for making me a leader through your mentorship.” – Ademola Adekunle

“Wale Adekanla is an excellent and inspirational Speaker, a leader passionate about the growth and wellbeing of others. His teachings are captivating and encourage you to be the best at all times.” – Nancy Nwanze

“No one is as determined, dedicated and proactive about his vision as Wale Adekanla. His passion for training and impartation of knowledge is topnotch. I’m happy being associated with him because he’s purpose driven.” – Lovelyn Okoye

“Mr. Wale has been my great mentor for almost a decade now. I can’t forget in a hurry how he mentored and supervised my day to day activities during my One year compulsory National Youth Service that made me a multiple awards winner (Federal, State and Local Government in Nigeria) under his tutelage. Also making me realize that no matter how fast you move in life without a mentor you don’t stand a chance to go far. He is a young and vibrant leader who enjoys inspiring both young and old people alike.” –
Olusegun Orija

To Learn more and be a part of the 2019 Global Transformation Tour visit http://theleadershipchannel.net/2019-global-transformation-tour/ or to find out how to book him for your next event
call 267-916-6688 or www.waleadekanla.org

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