Wayne, Pa Business Attorney Releases An Innovative Way To Pay For Legal Services

Published on October 18, 2016

Ms. Snyder interviews with Business Innovators Magazine about her new subscription service Scribe®, in which businesses can obtain legal counsel for a set monthly payment.

Recognized as a 2016 Main Line Today Top Lawyer, Janelle Snyder, business attorney at SnyderLAW, recently sat down for an interview with Business Innovators Radio about her new subscription service, Scribe, and how it is changing the way small and large businesses approach obtaining legal counsel.

As a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, Ms. Snyder returned to the Philadelphia area and co-founded and served as CFO and Corporate Counsel of a successful local construction company. Ms. Snyder then moved into private practice and began working for small and medium-sized law firms in the Philadelphia area before finally opening her own firm, SnyderLAW in March 2015.

Ms. Snyder’s founding vision for SnyderLAW was to develop a firm that is run more like a business than a typical law firm. With the goal of creating a firm that was “efficient, practical, and that put the client first,” Ms. Snyder’s firm specializes in corporate and intellectual property matters including business contracts, joint ventures, trademarks, patents, licensing and other technology-related transactions.

Scribe was developed by SnyderLAW as an innovative way to pay for legal services. The monthly subscription service allows clients to access legal advice at any given time without concern of exorbitant fees enabling business owners to accurately budget monthly legal expenses. After beta testing the service for a year, Scribe was recently released out of SnyderLAW’s main office in suburban Philadelphia.  This office services clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, however, the service is available nationwide.  If there is not an attorney representative in a particular state, SnyderLAW will identify an appropriate and qualified attorney to represent that client’s needs in that particular state.

Scribe is especially appealing to start-up companies and entrepreneurs with limited capital enabling them to have an attorney handle the legal aspects of starting a business without worrying about hidden fees. This also makes small businesses more attractive to potential investors who feel more comfortable investing in a company that has its legal matters handled by an attorney.  Many manufacturing clients use the monthly subscription service to manage vendor contracts thus reducing some of the burden on back office staff.  Additionally, subscription clients are leveraging SnyderLAW’s deep intellectual property expertise to manage their portfolio of patents, trademarks, and trade secrets to help maintain a competitive advantage in the market place.  

A Scribe subscription enables business owners to partner with their attorney contacts in an assortment of ways to protect and grow their businesses.  Whether it be relatively routine tasks such as trademarking the business name or protecting intellectual property with confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements or strategic activities such as  complex and expensive invention patents or agreements of sale, a Scribe subscription allows the business owner to focus on growing his or her business knowing that their legal matters are in the hands of a trusted advisor and partner. 

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