Wealth Management Expert Rebecca Walser Says Holistic Financial Planning Protects High Net Worth, Also Accumulates Wealth Without Volatility

Published on February 26, 2015

Rebecca Walser, J.D., LL.M., CFP(r) of Walser Wealth Management recommends holistic financial planning for the protection of high net worth and the affordable accumulation of wealth sought by young professionals and families.

TAMPA, FLRebecca Walser, J.D., LL.M., CFP(r), a wealth management advisor in Tampa, Florida, recommends integrated financial planning as the best strategy to protect high net worth. For young professionals and families looking to start their financial planning on the right foot, she recommends comprehensive planning as the best way to use time as an asset to affordably accumulate wealth.

When working with individuals and businesses of high net worth, Walser says the key to wealth management is an overall strategy that ties all legal and financial considerations together. Walser, a board certified financial planner – CFP, uses her experience as an international financial consultant and a licensed tax attorney to shape her planning methodology. This combination uniquely qualifies her to structure and implement the best financial strategies for her clients while helping them avoid the conflicting advice that often comes with multiple legal and financial advisors.

Walser works with high net worth clients to develop a long-term wealth management strategy that is appropriate for their financial goals. It involves short-term, mid-term and long-term strategies to weather market fluctuations and avoid panic regarding the performance of one stock or mutual fund.

“I have access to all of the wealth management products that the brokerage houses use,” said Walser, “but that is where the similarities end. I do not recommend the short term, volatile investment tactics that are promoted by some investment brokers. Tracking the daily ups and downs of the market is emotional investing and has no place in the management or growth of wealth.”

“My clients don’t have to worry about the market because they are well informed, diversified according to their risk tolerance, and they know we are planning for long-term financial horizons,” said Walser. “Our goals are not dependent upon the daily highs and lows of the market, a much less emotional way to plan for one’s financial future.”

Dr. Nektarios Demetriou, of Tampa, Florida attests to her expertise. “Working with Rebecca has truly been an eye-opening experience because of her professionalism, client service, astuteness and dependability. She is highly ethical and trustworthy. Above all, her financial knowledge and expertise are second to none.”

As for young professionals and young families who think they don’t have enough money to worry about financial planning, Walser says the opposite is true. People just beginning their careers or families are in the perfect position to begin planning. “We develop a plan that takes them through all of life’s changes, affordably accumulating wealth along the way,” said Walser. “Once we develop a plan together, time is an asset for financial growth.”

“I worked with Rebecca this past year on the development of a unique business concept. Her advice has been invaluable. Her expertise, attention to detail, and her enthusiasm and support for my concept have been critical to my success. She has not just been an advisor, she has been an advocate,” explained Patricia Walker of Breckenridge, Colorado, a client of Walser.

Walser’s approach and dedication to her clients is acknowledged by her colleague, Zulfia T. Corrigan, Esq., of Connell Foley LLP. “Her unique knowledge, experience and methodical approach naturally build a trusting long-term relationship with her clients where they see her as their ‘go-to’ financial professional,” said Corrigan.

Rebecca Walser, J.D., LL.M., CFP, is a seasoned wealth management advisor specializing in strategic tax and financial planning for high net worth individuals and families. Her background as an international financial consultant and tax attorney allow her to leverage years of knowledge and experience to the advantage of her clients.

For more information, call 866-92-WEALTH (866-929-3258), email info@rebeccawalser.com or visit www.RebeccaWalser.com.

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