Westwood Sunglasses Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Signature Tribal Collection – Fresh, Stylish, Eco-Friendly Shades That Float

Published on May 27, 2015

Help support the Kickstarter campaign for Westwood Sunglasses and join the Tribe.

Westwood Sunglasses announces their first signature line, Tribal Collection, to launch Monday, June 1, 2015 on Kickstarter.  The Tribal Collection will feature five new frames inspired by art from cultures around the world; Tattoo features tribal tattoos from the Pacific Islands, Tapestry features the textile arts of ancient Latin America, Temple features the Henna patterns of India, Tundra features the feather accessory of the Native American, and Totem features the wood carvings of indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

“Inspired by a variety of art and variety of people that make up different cultures of the world, the new Tribal Collection has a style for all walks of life.”  Michael Diamond, Chief Marketing Officer, Westwood Sunglasses

Westwood Sunglasses was founded in the outdoor recreation mecca of Ogden, Utah.  On the Wasatch Front of the Rocky Mountains, outdoor recreation is abundant. It all happens at around 5,500 feet above sea level. So the need is simple; a go anywhere, do anything pair of shades in the battle against UV rays… with an emphasis on looking fresh.

Throughout the region, and all within a short drive, there is a large array of options for water sports. Too many times expensive accessories have been lost to the drink. The solution:  A stylish pair of shades that float.  Each handcrafted pair of Westwood Sunglasses is made entirely of eco-friendly, high-quality natural wood, and features polarized lenses and flexible hinges. Weighing in at .8 ounces, these comfortable sunglasses are feather-light and do, indeed, float in water.

While Westwood Sunglasses uses the environment to create products, they also believe in returning the favor.  For every pair purchased, Westwood Sunglasses will plant a tree in coordination with TreeUtah.org to help keep the Rocky Mountains healthy and beautiful.

“The Tribal Collection is wearable art. Each frame is artistic in design; yet, subtle enough to wear in public. By far, this is my favorite collection on the market.”  Adam Jackson, President of Westwood Sunglasses

To make the Tribal Collection a reality, Westwood Sunglasses needs to raise $6,500 to fund initial manufacturing costs.  Through Kickstarter, supporters will receive wholesale pricing (50% discount), be the first to wear the new Tribal Collection, and become ambassadors of the brand.  

Those interested in supporting Westwood Sunglasses can visit the campaign page at www.westwoodtribe.com.

Join the tribe…rock some Westwoods.

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