Widow of Professional Tennis Player Ken Flach to appear on The Toxic People Detox Podcast

Published on May 19, 2020

Meet Christina Flach, widow of tennis player Ken Flach and celebrity makeup artist.  She joins the latest Toxic People Detox podcast interview series.

Host Dr. Shayla D. Williams of The Toxic People Detox podcast announces her next guest Christina Flach.  Flach is the CEO of her own company, a makeup guru, a widow, a substance awareness advocate, a fashion commentator, and a mother of four children.

After losing her mother, infant child, and husband, Flach shares her journey from heartache to celebrity makeup artist.  Her clientele has included such personalities as Condoleezza Rice, Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, Metallica, Journey, and Hilary Swank. 

She speaks openly about helping her children through the pain of losing their father.  Flach also shares her message of sepsis awareness to prevent the same tragedy that befell her late husband. When questioned about the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, Flach states, “Everyone should be seen. Everyone needs to be treated in person. Doctors cannot be treating patients without seeing them.”

Falch’s overarching message is, “Don’t wait to be with people that you love. Do everything that you can to make someone smile and to lead by example… be happy and laugh.”  

 Look for Christina Falch’s appearance on The Toxic People Detox podcast episode “From Grief to Celebrity Makeup Artist with Christina Falch” premiering May 25, 2020.

About the host: Dr. Shayla D. Williams

Dr. Shayla D. Williams is a tenured Associate Professor of Biology at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia, a toxicologist, and an author. She has seen firsthand how stress from toxic people can be emotionally, mentally, physically and financially draining and how effective and liberating the detox experience can be if employed effectively. Dr. Shayla teaches several workshops on healing emotional pain through journaling and she is determined to help people thrive in the midst of stress and toxicity.  She shares her transformative process of healing and overcoming diversity.

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