Willie Miller, Beaumont Motorcycle Insurance Agent, Reveals How to Reduce Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Published on July 11, 2018

Beaumont motorcycle insurance agent, Willie Miller, owner of Miller Insurance Agency, recently revealed several important tips to help motorcyclists save money on their motorcycle insurance.

Beaumont Motorcycle Insurance Agent, Willie Miller, owner of Miller Insurance Agency, recently revealed several important tips to help motorcyclists save money on their motorcycle insurance.

According to Miller, motorcycle insurance can be very affordable. However, to keep costs down, it pays to know what discount options are available.

Miller said “You should always have enough insurance to protect your asset. You should also choose a policy with enough liability insurance. Then, work with your agent to discuss ways to save money. We are often able to provide cost savings for their Beaumont motorcycle insurance.”

When asked if the amount of usage impacts rates, Miller note, “One way to reduce risk to the insurance company is simply to not drive as often. Many motorcycle riders are weekend riders. Some drive even less than this. The good news is this may help you to save money. If you ride less often, your policy may cost less. Be sure to let your agent know how much you drive.”

Miller outlined how motorcycle storage impacts rates, explaining, “Theft is a key risk when it comes to motorcycle insurance. There are various ways to reduce the risks to the bike. Be sure to let your agent know how you keep your bike safe. Store it inside a locked area. Never leave it out or exposed to the elements. Consider a security system with a GPS tracker. For long-term storage, be sure it is in a secured location with ample security. Keeping your motorcycle safe is important. It helps reduce your risks of theft. It can also help reduce risks associated with weather events, such as storm damage.”

Miller Insurance Agency, established in 1983, is a family-oriented independent agency that caters to both people with everyday needs and the outdoorsman who take pride in their recreational vehicles. Miller Insurance Agency partners with a network of trusted insurers like Progressive, Foremost, Dairyland, Wellington, Standard, TWFG, UPC, and Scottsdale, to offer the best coverage at an affordable price. Their experienced agents can help southeast Texas residents find auto, home, renters, motorcycle, boat, mobile home, RV and ATV insurance policies.

Miller concluded, “There are a variety of opportunities available to help reduce overall costs. Do not assume your agent is automatically giving you the lowest rate. Ask for discounts. You can also get discounts simply by requesting a quote from a new insurer. Ask your agent to compare the options offered by different insurance companies. Never reduce the amount of coverage you have because you want to save money. Instead, look for a motorcycle insurance agent who can help you save money overall.”

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