Wine Trail Adventures App Puts Rural Wineries On Wine Lovers’ Radar

Published on August 25, 2014

Wine Trail Adventures is the soon-to-launch app that connects wine lovers to the over 5,000 wineries across the U.S. It helps a winery owner promote their events and advertise to wine lovers who are close to their winery.

Wine Enthusiasts Gary Nealon and Natalia Osadchuk of Wine Trail Adventures are on a mission to help wine lovers everywhere discover new wines, make friends and have fun while doing it.

More importantly, they want to bring the best of new technology to wineries nationwide so a new generation of wine lovers can share in wine adventures. Their company, Wine Trail Adventures, started out as a social media platform and mobile website for wine tasting events and wine rating.

Today, Wine Trail Adventures has a dedicated following with more than 160K wine lovers interacting and participating in events, tastings, ratings and wine “adventures” nationwide through their mobile website and social media. Recently, they launched a free app targeting both wineries and wine lovers.

Wine lovers can use the app to find and plan “Wine Trails Adventures”. They can look up over 5,000 wineries, check in to locations, rate wines and also earn points and complete challenges to earn badges while interacting with their friends. Wineries can claim their page and customize it with their own branding, adding information about their wines, hours and special events.

Wineries will also have the ability to broadcast positive reviews to their social media accounts and track email lists to contact their visitors easily.

Wineries can also advertise events using GPS positioning. The Wine Trail Adventures app can target ads to people currently in the specific winery’s area. This allows the winery to reach new people who love wine and might be looking to try a new winery so they can discover new wines.

During the launch of the new Wine Trail Adventures free app, wineries can enter a drawing for a 20K prize package including 10K cash, a personalized marketing consultation on how to drive traffic to their business and a custom marketing plan for a year.

Winery owners can benefit from the “crowd sourced information” on the app—as people visit wineries they submit and update information about events and rate the wines they taste and enjoy.

Wineries themselves can get involved with the app. They can promote their own products and events with a customized page, branding and advertising on the mobile website.

Nealon explains, “The Wine Trail Adventures free app gives wineries a fully optimized marketing platform that they can use. It doesn’t take a lot of time and allows them to interact with the actual people that are coming into their winery versus trying to figure out the whole Facebook ads campaign and driving them to it.”

He adds, “You’re capitalizing on the data and behavior of the people using the app and doing it on a national scale. The cool part about it is that if a winery makes a Chardonnay in California that the app user likes and there is a winery in Pennsylvania that makes a similar profile, then the user discovers this winery in Pennsylvania as well.”

For more information about how Wine Trail Adventures free app and website helps wineries draw more wine lovers visit:

Company Name: Wine Trail Adventures
Contact Person: Gary Nealon
Phone: (888) 978-3606
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