Women Innovators Radio Marks 100th Interviews with Host Tami Patzer

Published on July 20, 2020

Business Innovators Radio Network recognized Tamara Patzer for interviewing 100 guests for Women Innovators Radio.

Tamara Patzer, creator of Women Innovators Radio Show recently aired its 100th radio show. Patzer is also a host for Business Innovators Radio, an iHeart radio show. Business Innovators Radio also on iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, Spreaker. Business Innovators Radio features business leaders, thought leaders, and innovators. She is also the host and creator of several additional radio shows including The Thought Leaders Show, Optimal Health, Author Interview Radio, and Daily Success.

“I’ve been involved with traditional media since the 1980s, but more and more I feel that the biggest areas for growth are in radio and podcasts. I just completed my 100th episode for Women Innovators and it was very exciting. Overall, I have interviewed more than 500 guests,” she said. ” I’ve built several radio shows from the ground up and I love connecting people and learning about their lives. People today are on the go and they want their information in a portable format. I’m excited to interview business leaders, creative authors, and candidates for office as part of my various radio shows. It never gets boring and I’m always learning about something new.”

For more information about Tami Patzer visit: http://tamipatzer.com. Or call, (941) 421-6563.

Company Name: TAMI LLC
Contact Person: Tamara Patzer
Email: tamarapatzer@gmail.com
Phone: 9414216563
Country: US
Website: https://www.tamipatzer.com