Women Who Push the Limits by Lynn W. Murphy Featured on Amazon Best Seller List for Business Health and Stress

Published on March 3, 2022

Women Who Push the Limits: 50 Life Lessons from Inspiring Women by Lynn W. Murphy debuted at No. 3 Best Seller for Business Health and Stress.

Women Who Push the Limits: 50 Life Lessons from Inspiring Women by Lynn W. Murphy is a No. 1 Hot New Release on Amazon in multiple categories including Business Health and Stress and Work-Life Balance. The paperback version of the book debuted at No. 3 Best Seller for Business Health and Stress as well as Work-Life Balance in the USA and Australia.

Inspired by the initial 50 in-depth interviews Murphy conducted as the foundation for her platform Women Who Push the Limits (https://womenwhopushthelimits.com/), this new book features a succinct and inspiring message from each of these successful women.

Reviews are positive and readers including Sherry Stephens write: “This book celebrates the accomplishments of women in all walks of life who have achieved great things, most without celebrity or wealth, and under challenging circumstances. These stories are inspirational and serve to challenge each of us to do the best we can. Thank you Lynn for finding such amazing and talented women and putting their stores in this well-written, compelling book.”

The 50 contributors hail from Australia, Canada, South Africa, and across the United States and include Victoria Valentino, Cosby survivor, and women’s rights activist; Michelle Patterson, President of California Women’s Conference; Sandra Dee Robinson, television actress and animal rights activist; Dr. Patricia Van Pelt, Illinois State Senator; and Mary Jo West, Phoenix’s first prime time female news anchor.


She is a strong supporter of gender and racial equality as well as a long-time Phoenix resident and business owner who founded Women Who Push the Limits with the mission “To recognize, celebrate, and share the stories of women who are making positive differences in the world.”

“Every woman has a story. The importance of sharing our stories cannot be overstated. By doing so, we come to understand each other and recognize our own strengths.,” said Murphy.

“These 50 remarkable women authentically discussed their challenges, vulnerabilities, and successes. From their stories, women—and men—will see what others have gone through and draw inspiration that they too can move forward to create their dreams and claim their unique leadership role.”

In addition to her work with Women Who Push the Limits, Murphy is the President of Key Innovative Business Solutions. She consults, trains, and coaches organizations to build extraordinary teams that run smoothly and effectively.

Women Who Push the Limits is also a podcast and can be heard at https://womenwhopushthelimits.com/podcasts/

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