Yoseph Assefa, Loan Officer with American Financing, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on October 2, 2023

Yoseph Assefa discusses navigating the mortgage industry. 

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Yoseph Assefa grew up in a family that prioritized advancement and security, even beyond their careers in education. This upbringing influenced Yoseph, leading him to pursue various entrepreneurial endeavors after college. Yoseph indicates his involvement in multiple industries, highlighting his background in entrepreneurship.

During this episode, Yoseph Assefa emphasizes the significance of trust and relationships in the mortgage and real estate business. He mentions that all his previous connections were built on trust and respect, which allowed his network to perceive him differently and provide opportunities to assist with real estate decisions. Yoseph Assefa acknowledges the challenges faced by the mortgage industry, particularly in the past 12 to 18 months.

The importance of educating clients and ensuring their understanding of the mortgage process is discussed. Yoseph Assefa emphasizes that a mortgage can have a detrimental impact on someone’s financial future if not handled correctly, referring to it as a “death grip.” He believes in taking a special approach to educate and guide clients toward making informed decisions to avoid such consequences. This approach is emphasized as crucial from the initial meeting or the closing table.

Yoseph Assefa also highlights the significance of providing accurate and trustworthy information to the community. He acknowledges the overwhelming amount of information available and stresses the need for clients to have someone they can trust for reliable advice and guidance. Assefa believes that the mortgage industry is complex, especially for newcomers, and clients require straightforward answers that are not influenced by personal interests.

Furthermore, Yoseph Assefa discusses the benefits of building long-term relationships and prioritizing the client’s comfort level, not only for the customer but also for real estate agents. Providing a clear monthly payment range, helps agents understand the client’s budget and prevents exceeding it during the home-buying process. This open communication and transparency with agents contribute to a smoother experience for all parties involved.

Yoseph shared: One of the current challenges that we’re facing in addition to historically high interest rates, is misinformation. A lot of people either don’t make the right decision or don’t make a decision at all because of bad information they’re receiving from the internet. It’s probably those short clips online that don’t give you the context of what they’re talking about. There’s just so much bad information out there.”


About Yoseph Assefa

Yoseph is an accomplished Mortgage Consultant with a passion for guiding home buyers to navigate the mortgage industry and process. With a career spanning eight years, he has established himself as a recognized authority in the field, known for his expertise in first-time homeownership and exceptional leadership.

As a senior mortgage consultant at American Financing, Yoseph plays a pivotal role in helping to ensure all communities are well-informed when it comes to home ownership and real estate investment. He is dedicated to driving American Financing’s mission and vision forward, consistently achieving remarkable results and delivering high-impact solutions to complex challenges.

Yoseph’s journey to excellence is marked by a strong educational foundation, holding a bachelor’s in Economics from Colorado State University. This academic prowess, combined with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, has positioned him as a thought leader in residential real estate financing. Yoseph is a passionate advocate for affordable housing and down payment assistance programs, actively contributing as a member of the CHFA lender advisory board.

Outside of the professional realm, Yoseph is an avid entrepreneur, community event producer, and public speaker. These interests enrich his perspective, fueling creativity and a well-rounded approach to serving his community.

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