Youth Development Expert Anekia Boatwright-McGhee Hits Amazon Best Seller List with new book “It’s OK to IDK.”

Published on September 6, 2018

“It’s OK to IDK: The Teenager’s Guide to Go From I Don’t Know to I Know” by Anekia Boatwright-McGhee reached Number One on Amazon’s Best Seller List on July 25, 2018.

Youth Development Expert Anekia Boatwright-McGhee’s recent release, “It’s OK to IDK: The Teenager’s Guide to Go From I Don’t Know to I Know”, was named a Hot New Release on Amazon and became a #1 best seller out of all Children’s Non-Fiction books on July 25, 2018.

The book gives teenagers a step-by-step guide to help them get from where they are now, to where they want to be in the future. Helping teenagers define their goals, design a plan for the future, and imagine a life that allows them to breathe a sigh of relief are topics covered in this book.

Teenagers want to be able to tell the adults in their life what they really feel about their future, and they want to be able to share what they dream about, fear most, and wish they understood. Teenagers need to know that it’s OK to feel unsure and not have all the answers. Most of the time, they are looking for support, not answers.

Anekia Boatwright-McGhee’s ground-breaking book, “It’s Okay to IDK! The Teenager’s Guide to Go from “I Don’t Know” to “I Know”, has provided support and answers for thousands of teens. This book is a a well-thought-out guidebook to self-awareness and success.

Written for today’s teens, Boatwright-McGhee provides a straightforward yet understandable approach to guide teens through their search for answers and gives them the courageous support to navigate through the evolution of adolescence.

A must read for every teen, as well as parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, or anyone who is an influencer in the life of teens, “It’s Okay to IDK! The Teenager’s Guide to Go from “I Don’t Know” to “I Know” has given a voice of understanding and mission of guidance to a generation often misunderstood.

In response to the book hitting Number One on Amazon, Boatwright-McGhee stated, “Wow! I’m excited to be able to make an impact on the lives of so many young readers and the adults in their lives. How amazing it is to know that teens want to know what they don’t know.”

Boatwright-McGhee added, “Giving teens the courage to say they don’t know and the tools to find the answers is the greatest contribution I could make towards the future.”

Boatwright-McGhee’s biggest hope is that her book helps this generation become all that our generation dreams them to be.

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About the Author

Anekia Boatwright-McGhee is a bestselling author, coach and speaker who has worked with thousands of youth, parents, and community leaders to help motivate, challenge, and inspire forward growth by focusing on tomorrows generation of leaders. Often called the “Child Whisperer,” Boatwright-McGhee has been identified as the most popular youth development expert in the country. She is the founder of Rebecca Padgett School of Performing Arts, SkillSet You Academic Enrichment Centers, & Excellent Minds Preparatory School. Each year Boatwright-McGhee speaks, trains, and coaches as a member of the John Maxwell Team, Jack Canfield & she is a MTJGD Certified Coach.

Boatwright-McGhee brings devotion, energy, and truth to the youth development and education field.

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