Zurlia Servellon Announces New Book: The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind

Published on March 3, 2020

Inspiring new book The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind: Uncovering the Steps for High Achievement by Zurlia Servellion hits international best seller.

Zurlia Servellon wants to help as many people as possible turn their dreams into a reality. Her book The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind aims to do just that, by helping people to improve their lives by understanding their emotions. In its pages, The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind takes you on a journey through Servellon’s own life and unpacks helpful research into anxiety, fear, anger, guilt and love, creating a roadmap to guide you through these difficult emotions

Servellon knows exactly what it takes to conquer challenging circumstances and the emotions they come with. After growing up in a small village in El Salvador, she moved to California as a teenager and was faced with adversity for having a different-sounding name and not knowing the language. Defying her bullies, she then went to university and graduated debt-free with a Master’s degree in industrial and organisational psychology – but she continued to face knock-backs at the start of her career simply because of her accent, her name and her gender. She struggled with anxiety and depression during this time, and tried to make herself conform to what others wanted from her. But she craved success and was determined to achieve it. After being told in a job interview that she “does not command respect” because of who she is, Servellon realised she would have to create her own opportunities. But first, she had to learn to manage her emotions, and figure out how to use them to her advantage. 

She went on her own emotional journey in order to create the world she wanted for herself and her business. In The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind, she maps out all she has learned. Her story is one that speaks to the experience of thousands of other women out there, but her advice is valuable to us all. She wants to give people the freedom to live their lives independently and achieve all they want to achieve. Sometimes, that involves creating your own success in a world that lacks opportunity. 

Zurlia Servellon is now location independent and travels all over the world, although California is the place she calls home. She is an author and business coach, and her program the Freedom Business Formula helps entrepreneurs get clients using social media, by following a proven formula. The Hidden Patterns of a Successful Mind takes readers through the mental challenges Servellon faced and the hard lessons she had to learn to get to where she is today. It is a book for people who want to change their lives by understanding their emotions, by unveiling the part they play in our success.

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