13 Year-Old Utah Music Phenom Wins Big at International Music Awards

Published on May 18, 2018

On Saturday May 12th,2018, 13-year-old recording artist Faith Angelina was named New Artist of the year at the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) 14th Annual Awards held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The ZMR is the industry source for New Age, World, Ambient, Electronic, Solo Piano, Relaxation, Instrumental and many other genres of Music.

Faith Angelina entered the music scene in 2017 with her debut album – Reaching 12 and ranked as high as number 6 on the ZMR top 100 charts in October and November of 2017.  She composed the majority of the twelve songs on the album as she approached her 12th birthday. 

The songs of the album meander between cheery to more meditative in nature.

When asked about how she felt about winning the award, Faith replied, “When they called my name as the winner the feeling was almost indescribable. The closest thing I could say is I felt like I was floating.”

Faith Angelina has the unwavering support of her entire family, especially her father, Thal Dixon, who recognized her gift for composing and started Faith Angelina Music to produce this first album.  She performs locally around Salt Lake City at local Galas, and Events but Dixon is currently working to keep her life as normal as possible even as she is back in the studio recording her follow up album, “Notes from Zion,” to be released later this year. 

When asked if the sleepless nights were worth it, Dixon was quoted as saying, “It feels like I am living a dream right now. It was everything I could do to hold back the tears when she won.

To find out more about Faith Angelina and her music, visit her website at http://www.faithangelinamusic.com or call (213) 500-8217.

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