Home Shopping Network (HSN) To Feature Marine Corps Veteran And Professional Firefighter Ronald Golembieski Invention During An American Dreams Segment On June 13th 2018

Published on May 18, 2018

United States Marine Corps veteran and professional firefighter Ronald Golembieski built the first concept model of his invention out of light switch covers and duct tape back in 2015. That same invention will now be featured on HSN on 13 June 2018.

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) will feature local entrepreneur, professional Fire Fighter and Marine Corps Veteran, Ronald Golembieski’s innovative, versatile and Patented product, “The Pocket Shelf” live, from the HSN studios in St Petersburg Florida on June 13th at 7 am.

The Pocket Shelf has been chosen for HSN’s “American Dreams” segment, showcasing entrepreneurs with practical innovations, useful in everyday living. “American Dreams is very much aligned with our mission statement and belief, that practical, durable innovations can make life easier by reducing stress and saving property,” said Golembieski.

The innovative design allows for a safe and convenient personal shelf where one was never-before thought possible. Needing a surface area only ¾” wide to mount securely. Using the ingenious side mount feature, you can also mount the shelf in areas restricted by obstructions, or if you simply need to offset the shelf on one side or the other.

“The Pocket Shelf is your solution to the floor, simply Peel, Stick and Click”. Golembieski states “From the Airport to the Emergency Room, from a Baby Nursery to your Office and from the Bathroom to the Livingroom, people place their phones on the floor to charge because there is no alternative, baby cams are placed on dressers or nightstands, providing an obstructed, partial view of your child, and countless phones are lost to the toilet every day because there is no clean, safe place to set them. The list is endless, our customers find new uses for it all the time!”

“The innate problem with the common shelf is that we must go to it – it’s a permanent fixture on the wall and is rarely convenient for what we need in a specific moment,” Golembieski said, “Because of this, our possessions end up on the ground. But, with The Pocket Shelf, there is a modern, versatile and non-damaging alternative, that can be used virtually anywhere.” With a surface area of 4 X 6 Inches, holding up to 2 1/2 POUNDS with a single strip and mounting DAMAGE-FREE to virtually ANY surface, The Pocket Shelf is your perfect solution, indoors or OUT!

Using advanced, pull to release adhesive strips, The Pocket Shelf mounts securely to virtually any surface indefinitely, and removal is as simple as pulling the exposed tab, releasing the shelf cleanly and damage free. “No tools, no holes, and no damage” Golembieski states.

Transportable by nature, The Pocket Shelf can be used in airports, hotels, offices and anywhere else imaginable. Small in stature, the shelf is easily stored in a briefcase, purse or pocket for on-the-go convenience; and with built-in replacement strip storage, you can travel worry-free.

The Pocket Shelf is currently in use in the US, Canada, and Europe, aboard 3 US Naval Ships, on US Bases in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Norfolk and in Turkey as well as a US Embassy in the Middle East.

The Pocket Shelf is currently available in 3 basic colors that can be used as is or painted to match almost any décor, White, Grey and Black and can be found online at Amazon, eBay, and www.thepocketshelf.com

Company Name: PRsF Innovations L.L.C
Contact Person: Ronald Golembieski
Email: info@thepocketshelf.com
Phone: 315-663-7447
Website: https://thepocketshelf.com