Billie Sharp Helps Women to Become Unstoppable

Published on July 28, 2020

Billie Sharp’s goal is to empower women – in fact, her whole career revolves around this one main mission. As a coach, she aims to help female entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable businesses, and she has helped many clients achieve and even surpass their dreams. 

Having achieved immense professional success herself, Billie finds a great deal of joy in helping other women do the same. Often this involves giving her clients the push they need to step out of their comfort zones and make leaps that they are capable of, but too afraid to make. Her motto is that “fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”, and this outlook informs much of the work she does with women entrepreneurs. 

Her new venture looks to raise women up to new heights, by centering female business owners in an evolutionary, eight-week program designed to make them unstoppable. Sharing the skills and knowledge she herself has used to get to where she is today, Billie’s latest program promises to help her clients raise their revenue and smash their goals. It dives deep into who you are as a person and entrepreneur, looks at who you want to be, considers boundaries, and works on self-worth, communication, leadership, confidence and growth. 

This program, aptly named “YOU”, is step one in her Effective Enterprise Evolution series. The other programs focus more specifically on building up your team, scaling up your business, and learning to make some serious money. They have all been developed to help women understand that they deserve to be successful, and to use this sense of confidence and self-assurance to build strong foundations. She has helped plenty of clients become stand-outs in their field, and she could do the same for you.

I truly believe everyone is capable of being successful, regardless of their circumstances. It all starts with stripping back the layers and being who you were born to be before life intervened. This program focuses on making you an UNSTOPPABLE force. When you are UNSTOPPABLE the opportunities are endless.

To sign up or get more information on Billie Sharp’s eight-week development program “YOU”, visit To stay up to date with Billie’s latest ventures, you can follow her on Instagram ( and Facebook (@billiesharpconsultant).

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