Sarah Griffiths goes against the grain in a pharmaceutical obsessed mental health sector

Published on July 28, 2020

Trauma and abuse therapist Sarah Griffiths understands the position of mental health in 2020. Incensed that too often, people are given the impression they cannot heal without drugs, Sarah’s approach involves hypnotherapy, guided meditation and other, more holistic practices that focus on timely results. Also referred to as rapid transformational therapy, Sarah aims to produce the results offered by decades of traditional talking therapy in just a fraction of the time. 

Sarah’s journey to undo, disrupt and replace the current system is down to the medication-led programmes that trap many suffering from poor mental health in a cycle they become unable to get out of. The goal at the end of this journey is to inform as many people as possible that there is another way, a better way. Sarah teaches her clients that the beliefs that exist in the subconscious, that range from poor self esteem to issues building relationships, are ingrained in us as children. Part of her process is delivering the tools and information to clients that allow them to, in a healthy way, undo, disrupt and replace these negative, formed beliefs. 

This bold claim is not just that – Sarah has regularly achieved these goals with her clients and in a timely manner too. On her holistic treatments such as hypnotherapy, Sarah has said, ‘It is to therapy what the aeroplane is the horse and cart, simply put, it speeds up the whole process.’

This news will surely be of great benefit to those seeking alternatives to current mental health offerings – especially those that have tried and tested traditional methods and found them coming up short. Sarah is so determined to shake things up she has even offered herself up as one half of a public forum on the subject. By inviting debate on this topic, Sarah wishes to bring attention to the discourse on mental health. Her passion for this subject will certainly guarantee a lively discussion to say the least!

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